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Ontario premier to prorogue legislature

McGuinty government won’t skip a single day since voters “are on to this prorogation thing”


Stephen Harper has made shutting down the government less fun for everyone. Dalton McGuinty, premier of Ontario, will prorogue the province’s parliament for four days, from March 4 to March 8. But after the backlash Harper suffered for shutting down Parliament, McGuinty feels the need to prorogue in the blandest way possible: the shutdown includes a Friday, when the legislature doesn’t meet, and a weekend, meaning that “there will be no time lost in the legislature.” McGuinty says that premiers can’t use prorogation as a way of avoiding problems the way Harper did, because voters “are on to this prorogation thing.” Thanks a lot, Harper; thanks to you, even future government stoppages are going to be boring.

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Ontario premier to prorogue legislature

  1. So Harper has apparently soured the responsible use of prorogation for some time to come.

    You now the situation is dire when McGuinty comes across as the collected and responsible leader…

  2. I almost feel sorry for the MP's come mar 3 becuase after the throne speech with my boy Stevie now having control of both the legislative pipelines in the both Houses – there is going to a huge pile of bills go THUD on the MP's desks and how are they going to square the circle if they don't want to play nice in the sandbox! – truly brilliant is harper trying to cancel the spring breaks as I can see libbie spin meisters going bananas … can't wait … up to the oppostion parties to either get some work done or stand there looking liike the fools they are.

    • you are assuming that SH has control over the independents and PC members of the Senate to vote with CPC. not so sure about that.

  3. Too bad the FB from the NDP and Liberals (non partisans) don't enjoy the irony. It's okay David's mommy said it was okay.
    Liberals 4 day prorogue after extended Christmas Break, vs CPC delay 22 days, get National media lovefest for six weeks.

    I enjoyed having the federal government offer to eliminate the March Break for those opposition MP's who missed heckling in QP.

    • Dalton McGuinty is the biggest donkey I have ever seen as a Liberal. who else gives ok to hike up insurance premiums.

  4. Amazing that so many are willing to give up every notion of responsible and responsive government to a leader like Stephen Harper. How sadly we have forgotten, even though we have spent so many years repeating it every November 11th. We fought a war against a man like him. He is not out for you or me or the average Canadians who make this country great. he is out for himself and for the fascist elite he always wanted to be. His "brilliant" strategy comes at a great cost and our ancestors have tried to warn us. If you don't wear a suit and get a paycheque from a multi-national corportation, you are blindly supporting a man who has no real concern for you as a person or a Canadian. Who else would go to Haiti and refuse to meet with the NGOs doing the work there? Who did Stevie meet with in Haiti? The Canadian Military & Preval. Yeah, he's a guy that cares.

  5. First he ruins a good solid lie about not taxing income trusts–that lie isn't going to be told by any politician any time soon…then he ruins the whole "I wont appoint senators" line–no one is ever going to believe that one again…then he ruins the "believe us, we'll be more transparent" promise–I'd like to see another politician try that one…and now he's ruined prorogation…Nice Work Stephen!!!