Canadian prostitution laws in limbo -

Canadian prostitution laws in limbo

Stay extension means current laws will stand at least until April


The Ontario Court of Appeal has ruled that Canada’s prostitution laws will stand for at least several more months while government lawyers prepare an appeal of a landmark ruling that essentially decriminalized prostitution. The court ruling on Thursday means the laws banning communicating for the purpose of prostitution, keeping a common bawdy house, and living off the avails of prostitution will continue to be valid. (Earlier in 2010, an Ontario Superior Court judge struck down the three laws.) Today’s decision extends the stay on the lower court’s ruling until April 29, putting pressure on the government to expedite the appeal process. This means it is still against the law for prostitutes in Ontario to work in brothels and openly solicit customers.

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Canadian prostitution laws in limbo

  1. Legalize it. Plain and simple. Society would be better off.

    • Ooooooooooo you are one crazy dude !!! You do seem like a know-it-all though but I like your style.

    • Your wish is granted – it's legal! There are, however, restrictions on the practice which make it difficult to advertise conventionally or exercise safely.

  2. Your daughter needs employment too!


    Stopping the insanity:
    At the top left, you can plug in your zip code and find your representative's name.
    Once you know the name, you can click their name to go to their website and call their local office, or email them or you can call the House operator at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected with your representative's office.
    You can use the following, or you can use your own:
    "Hi, my name is First & Last Name, and I am a constituent living in[town/city]. I'm calling to urge Congress(woman/man) First and Last Name, to fight against H.R.5575, a bill introduced by Representatives Maloney and Smith that seeks to further victimize disadvantaged women and children under the guise of helping them.
    The bill increases resources for law enforcement to arrest and prosecute those who have turned to sex work to support themselves and their families, often these women and children are trying to escape situation of abuse, and they are only further victimized by the trauma of arrest and the inability to seek gainful employment with a criminal history of prostitution on their record.

    • Somehow, I don't think US politicians will be swayed by the opinions of Canadians. Nor do your (3-part) comments apply to the story posted here, about laws relating to prostitution in Canada. Do you have anything relevant to say about THIS country?

      Oh, and "Coo coo Ka-choo"

      • Good post but, Me thinks the '' Coo coo Ka – choo'' part clinched it ………..


    The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports slightly over 1200 cases of human trafficking were alleged over a 21 month period of time and only 10% of those were found to be valid, including labor, sex, children and adults, however anti-prostitution organizations disguising themselves as advocates for victims of sex trafficking, have greatly inflated these statistics and often present them without citing their source of information while encouraging support for legislation knowing the legislation has been proven to be harmful to these victims.


    These non-government organizations are further exploiting these women and children by fraudulently soliciting funds to help them through donations and attempting to defraud congress by cleverly disguising legislation which would grant them millions of dollars to help these victims, knowing those funds will be unnecessary because they are ensuring those victims will be arrested and sent to jail. For example, the results of the FBI's Lost Innocence Initiative, which is funded to rescue children who are being forced into prostitution, resulted in 69 children and 880 adults rescued and sent to jail from January – December 2010, none of which appear to have been consulted in regards to the mission.
    Will the Congress(woman/man) First and Last Name, please help stop legislation which is being presented as helpful to victims by their self-proclaimed "advocates", without first consulting those victims which do still have voices but are currently being ignored because they don't have the money or the resources required to be heard ?