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Ontario to introduce online gambling

Plan could mean $100 million in additional revenues for the province


Ontario will join a growing list of provinces that have adopted online gambling. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) announced Tuesday that it will set-up an online gaming program by early 2012. Finance Minister Dwight Duncan promised the plan will roll-out in a “prudent manner” and said it may become a source of revenue for the province, which is currently running a deficit of $19.7-billion. It’s been estimated online gambling could net the province $100 million or more in annual profits within five years of being set up. According to the OLG, Ontarians spend approximately $400 million each year in unregulated online gambling.

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Ontario to introduce online gambling

  1. Online gambling programs are essentially a tax on stupid people. Most of that $100 million in additional revenues for Ontario will probably come from those who can least afford it.

    • Should we take from you statement that you are for it, or against it?

      • Ten bucks says he's against.

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