Victims of Charles Smith could get as much as $250,000 -

Victims of Charles Smith could get as much as $250,000

Disgraced Ontario pathologist’s work led to 13 criminal convictions


Those whose lives were affected by disgraced pathologist Dr. Charles Smith can now expect a payment of up to $250,000 from the provincial government in Ontario. Smith was the chief coroner for the Province of Ontario between 1991 and 2001, but a report released two years ago he’d come to erroneous conclusions in 20 cases, 13 of which led to criminal convictions. Individuals will be eligible to receive up to the full $250,000, while compensation for family members is capped at either $12,500 or $25,000.

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Victims of Charles Smith could get as much as $250,000

  1. The crown lawyers lawyers who foisted Smith off on the courts as a "specialist" in "pediatric forensic pathology" ought to be fired. Defence lawyers who didn't bother to check Smith's qualifications or to challenge his competence (using Justice Dunn's prior adverse judicial comments) ought to explain why they ignored the obvious. At the Inquiry Dr. Smith admitted he was "woefully inept". But so too were plenty of lawyers who bowed down to Smith as if he were a God – without ever checking and challenging his qualifications or his impartiality.Without the woefull ineptitude of a host of other players – Dr. Smith could never have proffered so much unchecked, unchallenged, partisan, flawed and otherwise sub-standard, "expert" testimony.

  2. I have to say after hearing about this man and his many life-shattering errors, I am a little more skeptical about so called "expert" witnesses. Apparently every other pathologist who studied the same evidence as Dr. Smith found his conclusions to be completely incorrect. Therefore, one has to wonder if he actually graduated from an accredited medical school and what his grades were.

  3. This Charles Smith character should be thrown in prison for life and all his assets seized.

  4. Don't forget Chief Coroner Jim Young and deputy chief Jim Cairns who abeted Smith and tried to protect him to the end – even providing public funds so Smith could sue the CBC and Macleans for exposing him.
    All three need to be held accountable in a criminal court.

  5. Uh, only 250K? If my ass was in jail for X years for a crime I didn't commit I'd be demanding a helluva lot more.

  6. I know one of the victims of Smith, she lost her son and then lost her freedom because of his (Smith) testimony, she was in prison for longer than $250,000 could ever compensate her for. However now she may be able to properly grieve the loss of her son.

  7. $250,000 per victim of Dr Smith? A quarter of a mil is chump change considering the protracted hell this man made his victims endure. What I'd like to see is Dr Smith made the centre of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission and made to go through each case he ruled on step by step and really have to suck up the fact that his gross errors in professional judgment — if, indeed, incompetence, and not some of victimizer's pathology, was at the root of his grievous mistakes — caused untold suffering added on top of existing untold suffering for scores of families and individuals