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Ontario vows to eliminate coal-powered electricity


TORONTO – Ontario’s minority Liberal government will try to ban coal-fired electricity generation in the province, Premier Kathleen Wynne announced on Thursday.

Wynne said the Liberals plan to introduce legislation next week, that, if passed, would ensure that no Ontario station will burn coal again.

The Ending Coal for Cleaner Air Act would ensure that coal facilities stop operating by the end of 2014, Wynne said.

Over the next year, Thunder Bay Generating Station will stop burning coal and will be converted to use advanced biomass, a fuel for electricity generation. This is the last major step in Ontario’s plan to eliminate coal-fired electricity.

“Becoming a coal-free province is the equivalent of taking up to seven million cars off the road, which means we’ll have cleaner air to breathe, while saving Ontario $4.4 billion in health, financial and environmental costs,” Wynne said.

She made the announcement in Toronto alongside former U.S. vice-president and environmental activist Al Gore.

“Ontario has become the first regional jurisdiction in all of North America to take these steps to ban the burning of coal,” Gore said.

“Congratulations Ontario, and thank you, Ontario,” Gore added.

The Liberals still need the support of at least one of the opposition parties for the legislation to pass.

An Ontario-based environmental group lauded Wynne’s announcement.

“Ontario has shown the world that bold action on climate change can be done,” said Tim Gray of Environmental Defence.

“Ontarians should feel proud to live in the first jurisdiction in North America that is kicking the coal habit, and we hope others follow this lead,” Gray said.

The government said Ontario’s elimination of coal-fired electricity is the single largest greenhouse gas reduction initiative in North America.

And it said early coal closure at Lambton and Nanticoke will save the province’s electricity customers about $95 million through reduced operating and maintenance costs.


Ontario vows to eliminate coal-powered electricity

  1. Yaaaaaaaaay Ontario!

  2. Converted to ‘advanced biomass’??

    And this is supposed to be better than coal?

    With lower energy content per tonne and thus higher transportation costs it’s a lose-lose situation for everyone, and particularly for the long suffering ratepayers in Ontario.

      • They’re complaining bitterly about how their power costs keep going up with no improvement in service, and how Ontario pays New York to take wind power off their grid because of the ‘take or pay’ FIT guarantees.

        Meanwhile in Thunder Bay, as your link says: “”The plant will in effect operate at fifty percent of its original capacity,” Angus told reporters”

        So this plant is losing half its ability to produce power.

        Not an improvement.

        BTW, nitrogen oxides are produced when oxygen and nitrogen in the air combine, which occurs with highly efficient burning at elevated temperatures and pressures. The reduction in NOx is coming from derating the efficiency of the plant.

        And sulphur is routinely scrubbed from flue gases so that almost none escapes anyway.

        • No, Libertarians are whining….as they always do….over everything.

          I live in Ontario…my rates are fine. So is my service.

          But then you can’t read a news item anyway.

          • You can’t seem to manage posting without resorting to insults, now can you?

            No wonder your friends accuse you of being rude.

          • I answered a question you had with a news item. I have no intention of discussing it with you.

            You may have noticed no one else does either.

            It’s not worth the effort. You’re not helpable.

          • Come back when you’re willing to talk like an adult instead of slinging insults.

          • I don’t waste my time on brick walls….get over yourself.

  3. Save $95 million? Where does the replacement power come from? Is it going to be cheaper than the power produced from the bought and payed for coal plants? More 80¢ a kwhr wind generation? This seems to be just another knee jerk energy policy decision that has no consideration for the long term cost of energy in Ontario.

    • Understand what you are talking about before posting! wind FIT contracts are Ontario were 11.5cents/kw/hr. so many anti-renewable trolls just making stuff up. Which fossil fuel company are you associated with?

      • Delusional greens are killing our economy.

  4. What percentage of Ontario’s electricity generation is currently due to coal burning?

    • it was 25% in 2005 – by early next year it will be 0%. pretty cool

  5. Meanwhile in the UK David Cameron says “Cut the green crap.”
    The scam is over, the only question is what will the watermelons come up with next?