Ontario’s appeal court ramps up sentences for convicted terrorists

Terrorism “must be dealt with in the severest of terms”


The Ontario Court of Appeal, the highest court in the province, has restored Canada’s anti-terror law to full strength, signaling that terrorists acting on Canadian soil “will pay a very heavy price” and that Canada should not be viewed as an attractive place from which to pursue terror-related activities. The appeal court released six major decisions in terrorism cases today. The leading judgment related to the case of Ottawa software engineer Momin Khawaja, the first person convicted under Canada’s anti-terrorism legislation. The court dismissed his appeal and increased his sentence from 10.5 years to life in prison. The court also said the Ontario trial judge presiding at Khawaja’s case in 2006 erred in striking down portions of the Criminal Code’s anti-terrorism provision after concluding the legislation could inhibit fundamentalist Muslims from expressing their political or religious beliefs. As well, the court upheld—and, in two instances, increased—prison terms handed to three members of the Toronto 18. Terrorism, Justices David Doherty, Michael Moldaver and Eleanore Kronk said in their decision, “is a crime like no other.” “Once detected, it must be dealt with in the severest of terms.”

Toronto Star

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Ontario’s appeal court ramps up sentences for convicted terrorists

  1. Great work CANADA!!!!

    One terror cell down. 1000 more to go….slowly. LOL. You're lucky the terrorist are inept or Canada would be in trouble.
    Pssttttt. Hey terrorist, wanna tip? Send your woman to bed a few officers and watch what you get away with. Just ask Iranian Hezbollah Epi-Center in Richmond Hill Ontario . Send your Farsi speaking woman to target lonely and miserable cops like Maurizio Gentili, Ian Mason etc. and viola- Get away with murder…in this case get away with murder of Kafir. http://torontoautostation.blogspot.com/

  2. At long last some of our judges are waking up to this dangerous times. I hope our politicians will follow soon.

    • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SANTA MARIA!! A JUDGE SPOKE UP!! Sadly, he is going to be fired soon! :-(

  3. Its a start but not enough in my book. Just put them down, there is no need to keep them around at the expense of the tax payer….

  4. Wow. If the convicted defendant appeals his conviction or his sentence, the court can turn around and increase the sentence? I thought they would have to limit themselves to just denying the appeal. Wow.

    • Sends a bit of chill through a guaranteed appeals process…

      • I bet the defendants are mighty sorry they appealed their convictions. We do need to send a message to terrorists that we are not going to continue with our permissive legal system when it comes to terrorists. Human Smugglers and illegal refugees no problem though.

  5. Actually, the Crown was he appellant or cross-appellant in these cases; they sought the higher sentences. That isn't evident from the Star's story, so I went to the Court's website (http://www.ontariocourts.on.ca/decisions_index/new_releases.htm) and checked for myself.

    • Thanks for that clarification. That makes a lot more sense to me.

  6. I would bet there are going to be some upset defense lawyers, fewer clients appealing their convictions means less money for the Lawyer…..

    • See Keith above, TN… the Crown cross-appealed.

      • Thanks MYL, I should have clicked on the thread before commenting…..got me all excited there for a moment……

  7. Is there a Canadian law at present that addresses sedition and treasonous activities?

    • Ah, probably none of them are brave enough to address this issue as it might offend the BLOC or some people in Quebec?

    • Sedition is ss. 59 through 62

      • Thanks, if you have not posted it, I would not have thought it existed as it has not been enforced.

  8. More severity please. Much more. And thoroughly scrutinize the Islamic community. If they don't like it they can leave.

  9. It'll be interesting to see if this is applied equally to any FLQ type activities should they occur in he future. Especially given the rumblings out west and the indirect threats coming from the Quebec separatist movement. Add to that the extremist anti-abortionists and the animal rights fringe and there are many folk who will happily kill for the cause,
    McVeigh was home grown down south, so targeting islamic extremists is one direction that folk should be looking, but remember the home grown jihadis espousing separatism are just as active.

    • Few days ago Germany, using their Anti-Nazi law of old, raided three Salafist (Wahabis imported from Saudi Arabia) mosques or centers due to suspicious activities of promoting parallel government (Sharia law) and planning to supplant or doing away of the current form of government. Islamic supremacists all over the world are actually encouraging their adherents not to assimilate nor integrate to their adopted countries. There are those who are operating at mosques/centers and infiltrating Universities through Muslim Student Associations/Organizations. They consider democracy only as a means to infiltrate and topple democratic governments, but consider 'democracy' as anti Islamic that needs to be abolished. For them 'Peace', means complete submission to their kind of Allah (other Muslims who happen not to practice nor agree with their interpretation don't even qualify for that "peace", thus muslim to muslim killings). When these Islamic Supremacists utter Islam as religion of "peace", their meaning of peace is entirely different from what and how we understand it to be. If one watch how children and adults are taught and bombarded with hate propaganda by parents, schools, teachers, Imams, religious clerics, media, and in their TV channels, one wonders what kind of sick people will be running their institutions and governments in the future. What kind of damage these teachings inflict to the psyche of the people living there. Many muslims who have been rightfully concerned (of mass brainwashing children how to hate) have been warning the west of what has been going on in that part of the world, but the warning seems to fall on deaf ears. Right now, we are experiencing the results and hatching of those teachings. Watch middle east TV channels teaching children and people how to hate: