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Ontario’s top court upholds country’s marijuana laws in medicinal pot case


TORONTO – Ontario’s top court has upheld Canada’s marijuana laws.

The Appeal Court ruling today comes in a case involving access to medical marijuana.

The ruling overturns a lower court decision in the case of Matthew Mernagh, who suffers from various health problems.

Unable to find a doctor to prescribe the drug for his pain, Mernagh grew his own and was charged.

The lower court found people cannot get access to medicinal pot through appropriate means, and are therefore forced to resort to illegal actions.

The Appeal Court disagreed, saying the lower court judge made several errors.

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Ontario’s top court upholds country’s marijuana laws in medicinal pot case

  1. Keep it illegal. There seems to be a thriving underground economy that the government cannot get their hands on. To be honest, I am shocked (or pleasantly surprised) by the number of people who smoke this stuff. It’s readily available and inexpensive (compared with say wine and spirits). That there are no proven health benefits and doctors will not prescribe cuz the science is not there? Let them keep thinking that, I say. Doctors are just beards for the pharmaceutical companies, for the most part. Let’s face it, pot makes people happy in ways booze doesn’t and kills pain in ways pills cannot. Certain groups find these facts not in line with their own interests.

  2. And I suppose it’s off to huscow for this hardened criminal, Matthew Mernagh. Another victim of Dear Leaders war on His own people.

    • Legalizing weed has been talked about since 1974 how many Liberal governments did nothing

  3. Not only that, people who get medical pot have to pay $5 for 1 gram. If you need 5 grams per day, it ads up to $750 per of pot per month. That’s more expensive that taking Percocets for the same time frame and it is not covered by health plans. Underground is the only way to go.