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Talk amongst yourselves.

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Open Thread

  1. I wonder when Potter’s book on authenticity will be done?

  2. I was going to make a snide and unnecessary
    comment along the line of – “Surely not an
    autobiography at his age” – but I decided
    that would be cruel.
    So I didn’t.

  3. Talk amoungst yourelves….awesome

  4. So… um, how ’bout that local sports team?

  5. Hot enough for ya?

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  7. I like how the second ‘talk amongst yourselves is said’, everyone dries up. we’re like sheep, Andrew-we need direction. But, for the sake of conversation, I’m participating in an english-language exchange at UVic and may I just say that BCers cannot hold their liquor.

  8. So here’s a question: at what age do you stop being envious of people with better bodies than you?

    I’m 34. I try to eat right, bike a lot, hike a lot, and workout regularly with weights. Others who follow the same routine are sculpted and muscular. I am a little pudgy and have no definition at all.

    Is there an age when you stop feeling jealous of those around you who are genetically gifted?

  9. *makes inappropriate comments*

    *runs with scissors*

  10. Hey Hmm…

    I’m nearing your age and am in a similar situation (though I don’t eat as well likely). There are days when I’m cross-country skiing in the winter and see a 60+ year old whizz by me going uphill and realize that I’m not where I want to be, for sure.

    However, I think part of the problem may be dwelling on it. In a crowd, I’m sure you could find people who look better than you. But notice the numbers — chances are, most people are in the same boat as you or worse off. Lusting after the body of a guy/gal who spends 24 hours a day in a gym, possibly damaging themselves with steroids, isn’t healthy.

    That doesn’t mean you should give up — rather be realistic. Instead of having a goal to achieve someone else’s body, set a realistic goal based on where you are today. You may want to talk to a personal trainer (try one who doesn’t make you envious – perhaps one of the opposite sex) to set out realistic goals. When you achieve them, set the bar higher.

    But back to your original question. I think, given time and a healthy outlook, you’ll be able to see yourself as a healthy individual. That being said, occasionally having a septuagenarian outpace you can be good for the soul too. :)

  11. Hey Hmmmmm – I found that cracking the 50’s barrier results in the universe beating your ego into humility and you start to become far more concerned with comfort rather than vanity. Your body’s shape and size start to mean far less than whether or not you are still alive and not in pain!

  12. Good point Wayne…

    I think I started looking at things differently when I fell down a cliff last year and did a number on my knee. Now that I’ve recovered, I am more thankful of what I can do than wistful of what I can’t.

    That being said, I don’t suggest you injure yourself Hmm. It’s not fun.

  13. Advice to Hmmm, after 40 you’ll begin to get a nice glide from the whole “looking good for your age” thing.

  14. Whoever put sir mixalot on rules. And who cares about what you looklike. Your value as a pesron ought to be intrinsic and dependant upon weather or not you have glasses or a pot belly.

  15. This is not quite the conversation I anticipated would spring up while I was gone.

  16. I want you to respond well to my hopeful earwax Sorry, for off top, i wanna tell one joke) Did you hear that Miss Muffet and Saddam Hussein got together for a meeting last week to discuss their common problem? They both have Kurds in their whey.

  17. why are all the threads closed?

  18. If you ask any girl from the parrish around what pleases her most from her head to her toes?

    She’ll say “I’m not sure that it’s business of yours, but I do like to waltz with the log driver”

    THAT’s how you keep in shape. Plus, you know what they say about the log driver’s waltz…

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  20. Ah hmm,
    You probably have a misaligned neck or spine and a funny walk. I can tell you that I am genetically gifted yet I do not take it for granted! I am so, because I practice the Alexander Principle. You should try it,
    good luck,

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