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Operation Payback hits MasterCard

WikiLeaks supporters target credit card company, among others


Operation Payback, a series of co-ordinated attacks by online activists who support embattled WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, have taken the websites of MasterCard and the Swedish prosecution authority offline. MasterCard was targeted after it announced it would no longer process donations to WikiLeaks. MasterCard maintains that its security has not been compromised. Other sites, such as Visa, Amazon, and Swiss bank PostFinance, have also said they will not allow donations to WikiLeaks. For its part, Operation Payback has vowed to take down any commercial enterprise that censures WikiLeaks.

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Operation Payback hits MasterCard


    • For who, Mastercard or Wikileaks ?

  2. Great day for internet freedom. Gotta show the US that they don't rule the world.

  3. Xipwire still supports WikiLeaks.

    You can complain about PayPalin or MasterCrud, or actually do something about it.

    Supporting XipWire adds a carrot to Anonymous' stick. This sort of thing will teach Amazon, Online banks, etc., it doesn't pay to lick Obama's spittle.

  4. I think this is a good demonstration of the frustration with government experienced by what seems to be a notable portion of the population. There is clearly a desire for governments to run with a much higher level of transparency.

    For one, wikileaks is an obvious happening in this period of political unrest and social networking. There is no blame but that which should be attributed to the authors of the "embarrassing" material.

    As for the video of the chopter shooting members of the press, clearly events like this should be public.

    Regarding operation payback, I don't think anyone who didn't expect this level of fallout when committing to blacklisting wikileaks should be involved in decision making of any kind. I suspect a major portion of wikileaks followers are willing to accept the consequences of the leaks in return for the potential it brings to the table for major political renovation.

    It's difficult to say clearly what will yield the best results, but transparency, honesty, and accountability never hurt in the long run. We just have to put a stop to Governing by Quarter, and Governing by Popularity. It makes no sense at all in long term financial or social planning.

    People will still be here in 2020, and they'll still need a government. Instead of attacking issues for next quarter, I just want government to start seriously looking at the future and building solutions to those issues now. Water. Waste. Utilities. Transportation. Society will take care of the rest. People will take care of people.

  5. People do not take care of people, if that were the case we would not have homeless or any sort of need for social help which is obviously no true. im also typing this twice because for some reason the admin deleted my post? why? I have no clue… maybe its because people trying to ban wikileaks are embarrassed? All that information out there to make the look like idiots… its not "unpartiotic" or w/e they are boasting, they are simply embarrassed like an ex-girlfriend on facebook whos nude pictures from halloween got out. You want them down because you dont want everyone to see your tits, well guess what, they are out there for the whole world to see how bad you screwed it up, and god forbid you actually take down that site with some stupid excuse. Its freedom of speech, deal with it, your informants leaked your info, deal with it.

  6. Yes, people will take care of people. By nature humans are a communal species, if we can get over the fear mongering of mass media, we might remember that. How many people out of 1000 are pedophiles or murderers? Really, what are the odds that helping out a random homeless person is going to get your raped or murdered?

    Yes bad things happen, but the majority of coverage on such events is without perspective. Isolated events becoming national headlines without perspective has proven to be horrendously damaging to society. Serious reflection on the effects of shutting down good will in general is needed.

    People would take care of people… if they weren't afraid. Afraid of social backlash, of being sued, of being raped or murdered. Hell, a person won't even yell at a neighbors kids misbehaving anymore. What happened to community?

  7. I use Paypal for my poker site and they will be cancelled. When my next Visa bill comes in they will also be cancelled.
    Someone please tell me what Paypal, Visa, Master Card, Amazon and that Swiss bank have to do with the national security of the U.S. I wonder if that Swiss bank has deposits of N Americans who are dodging taxes here at home. We all know what Swiss banks are famous for.
    No matter what happens to Assange, the U.S. will have mrore mud on its face from its persecution of this man that it will have from the leaked cables.