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OPP to investigate leak of police notes in Layton report

Layton dismisses massage parlour report as “smear campaign”


The Toronto Police have asked the Ontario Provincial Police to investigate the leak of official police notes cited in a Sun Media report about NDP leader Jack Layton, according to CBC News. The NDP leader and his wife, NDP candidate Olivia Chow, have denied any wrongdoing following the report Friday that Layton was interviewed by police in 1996 at a Toronto massage parlour. In a statement, Chow said: “Sixteen years ago my husband went for a massage at a massage clinic that is registered with the city of Toronto. He exercises regularly; he was and remains in great shape and he needed a massage…I knew about this appointment, as I always do. No one was more surprised than my husband when the police informed him of allegations of potential wrong doing at this establishment.”

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OPP to investigate leak of police notes in Layton report

  1. Good to hear its the OPP and not the RCMP.

  2. not shocked by the Sun Media group – 16 yrs ago no charges? please grasping at straws. I predict a lawsuit and alot of money, its not even registering as a story.

    • " its not even registering as a story. "

      Yeah, that's why it's on every major Canadian news outlet today. Including this one. Because it's not even registering as a story.

    • How deliciously ironic will it be with Sun TV starts financiing the campaigns of NDPers and Liberals with the settlements from defamation lawsuits.

    • they are trying to " Swift Boat" Layton. Just a page out of Karl Rowe's playbook. Harper is probably in touch with Karl regularly.

  3. This isn't registering either! lol
    You think the canadian media is mainstream? Jeez, you must be dumb. HURRY HARPER and do something deviate!!!! That will love you.

    What a brilliant move! No wonder quebec is migrating to the English again.

    "Elementary school students in the public system will not be required to participate in French classes starting this fall.

    The Calgary Board of Education made the decision on Wednesday.

    They have chosen to make French classes optional.

    For the past five years, the second language program has been mandatory for students in grades four through six.

    Starting this September, it will be up to parents to decide whether their children will attend those classes.

    The CBE says the changes have been planned for some time as a way to give kids and parents more choice and more education continuity.

    • Alberta separatists at it again!

      • I am from New Brunswick , the biggest bull bilingual crap province in Canada and the World. As far as I can see, only Harper can prevent this same tragedy from happening to the rest of you. Although, I worry Ontario are so rarely sober, they have no clue what is going on. And such a great Province, BUT, the leader in under productivity, after New Brunswick, which because we got signed up legally married to bilingual s–t, don't have to work. We are all guaranteed a good standard of living, because we bend over, but GOOD! lol
        A country, run by the minority, and that minority couldn't run a decent massage parlor without subsidy!

  4. Interesting… Frank Graves of EKOS, looking at his latest poll numbers (that he says will be released tomorrow) thinks it might explain why this story broke when it did.

    In another tweet, he says it's possible NDP could "win outright".

    • sure.

    • I know I have caused some discomfort on this site with my statements since the election. I have also made people think about the controlling billionares that are trying to steal our country and control our wealth. I must say this; Our country is at a crossroads right now and our vote has never meant as much as it means today. We must rid ourselves of the Harper dictatorship once and for all and tomorrow we can do that as a united country. The Conservative party of today is not the conservative party of our fathers and grandfathers and it is Harper that is responsivble for that. He must go because we are Canadian and not american and we resent being treated as such. We are not Fox news north nor will we ever be. We live in a country with hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of natural resources and they belong to us, Canadians. Our economy will not suffer under an alternative government other than that of the controlling tories. Vote to save Canada on May 2. Vote ABC. God bless Canada!!!

      • How many times are you going to post this?

  5. Is this an Urban Myth or was this news story actually filed on Jan. 9 1996.

    City of Toronto councilor, Jack Layton was treated for injuries sustained when he crashed his bicycle on the front lawn of his residence. When EMS workers arrived they found Jack Layton fully clothed, lying on the lawn, with wife Olivia near his side. She still tightly clutched a Nike 5 iron. He declined treatment at the scene but asked to be taken to a massage parlor for therapy and relief of pain.

    • LOL. Les chinese ceat magnifisent!

  6. I'd have fallen for it if Nike made 5 irons in '96 .

  7. .
    Feel sorry for the poor CSIS guy that was made to dress up as a cop and peddle questionable documents to the only gutter press in Canada that would look at them.

    That's what happens when Canadian security is compromised by the Government of Harper.

    Much kudos to Duceppe. The only gentleman to rebuke this smear. Harper and Ignatieff staying (suspiciously) quiet.

    Duceppe and Jack came across in the debates as the two real people in the campaign.

    • hahahaa wow so true using CSIS as your own lil private security force Harper taking a page straight out of HItler, Stalin and Mao at least our PM is up there with the best!

    • Feel sorry for the poor CSIS guy…


  8. A lot of left wing pinko stories denying Taliban Jacks involment at a massage parlour. If the truth was REALLY known, I would bet it was more than just a massage parlour. I think this took place when TJ and his good wife were living in subsidized housing.

    • inintentional satire

  9. Jack is the most professional two faced, I have ever seen. He is good. French feel comfortable with him.

  10. I'm not upset at whether someone jerked-off Jack Layton or not. I am upset, that Steve Harper is a jerk-off who won't work with Parliament, and who engages in divisive politics for his own gain. Therefore, I'll vote for Jack.

  11. BUT, Remember! Some of the best Women are found in bawdy houses! BUT! Also be well assured, no real man will be found, taking advantage of these unfortunate desperate imprisoned people!!! A decent Human makes an agreement with a member for a relationship, with a person who can decide, yes or NO! This is PATHETIC! Such an insult to our decent citizens! Such a deviate example to our own Daughters! Arrest this cheap abusing Bastard! He is nothing but SCUM!

    • in Canada arrests require evidence, except at the G20.

      • In some countries, the people are endowed , with the ability to complete the 2+2 question. Not having to depend on a grade 12 dropout police to determine it for him! The person admits, and the persons wife admits! What more you want? youporn.com? lol By the way. is Ovila restricted, in any way?

  12. The problem, for Layton, is that both he and Chow confirm the facts laid out in the alleged leaked notes: that he went to this particular parlour and paid for services, when it was raided by police. The police notes did NOT state that he was witnessed being masturbated. The only thing Layton has NOT corroborated was his state of undress. And this was a well-known Triad-owned rub & tug, something a local politician well 'engaged' with the Chinese community would have been aware of. This was NOT a 'smear job,' since Layton confirmed virtually everything in the alleged police notes.

    • So, we get a Fu—ing deviate sex abuser for a Prime Minister. Are none of the so-called Media, going to defend our respect for immigrants and Women! Do we want a abuser of the unfortunate having ANYTHING to do with running our Country!! WHERE are the socalled MEDIA! So, Harper is right about the half assed media!

      • harper owns the half assed media….hmmm. N korea come to mind.SUN MEDIA,CHARLIE ADLER,COURES RADIO

        • OH!! I wondered why no media were reporting this scums actions. Harper is ready you think? Time to pull the plug? I know I would have the Border Services building all loaded and ready to setup! If I were the West. This could be exciting. We knew it had to come. Tomorrow Ontario will decide! Canada, or the french. If they think they have other options, then good riddance to an odd bunch. Can you believe the luck? Only one road, goes into the West, from the East. But many roads go South from the West.

      • Look on the positive side. If Layton becomes PM we can look forward to increasingly warm relations with China and all other Asian Nations… at least with the female half of the population.
        And if Layton becomes PM he will surely be affectionately known forever after by the nick-name "Jack – Off. " Won't that be most fitting?

    • BS … much of innuendo – like kleenex which reported with true sleazy glee by SunTV – not supported, not substantiated, not proven … prejudicial and slanderous hogwash and the only questions now are (1) what is the name of the cop? (2) who peddled it to the media – and this is an answer I would like to hear from both SunTV now, and also Jon Kay pf National Post and Warren Kinsella, who claim they were approached with the story two years ago – OK, we want to know – the source and the conduit, please.

  13. cons. party worried about Jack and have the money to control the media—wake up-tired of cold face steven,time for a change make the banks and oil co. that run the country squirm…tired of old money making the calls for the average canadian.GST thanks steven..

    • HST British Columbia so we pay welfare for the multi nat. corp.??Why. and no money for schools,hosp,etc.

  14. Is this really the #1 story for Macleans ? I`m voting for him because of it every story deserves a happy ending :)

    • Your voting for him, because your a pile on type. Careful of the buffalo jump! lol
      You would vote for laytons Thailand unfortunate minority forced sex worker, if the media were pushing her! Remember, those clubs are all, Mafia controlled! Every one, as is every gambling joint! Everyone! Thats the World your voting for! Corruption and deviancy. Brought to you from the french, everywhere. Alberta, with Ottawas heritage canada grants to french speaking immigrants, only, should understand, considering 30% of its immigration is french from Africa! Why is that? Who controls your immigration? Probaly voting for layton, you wouldn't know what the word means. Or where to look it up.

  15. Of any given number of issues that make sense to pick apart a political contender on ( policy, previous body of political work etc). we get this?
    It was over a decade ago. The police had more than adequate time to investigate. Political opponents had years to dig up dirt and toss it to the public forum. Yet it only comes to light in the last week of campaign that his party is unconventionally threatening to win to a degree?
    Maybe we need to find out who and why the information was with-held for so long. Either that or it was as it appears a last minute smear by some very scared backroom personal. (Either he was in the wrong and the police botched it or he wasn't).

    • You have trouble reading also? Or just trouble disseminating? You know, that hes a two faced Quebecer! And he has been chosen by the french this election, to further there ripoff of Canada. And he is MORE then willing. Imagine a Godin fanatic, with more powers!! lol . Careful of the cliff!!

  16. Hmmm….now, which Conservative politician would have access to Toronto Police notes, and could have squirreled them away for the perfect time?? Yes, I'm looking at you, Julian Fantino…

  17. Women found in brothels disguised as massage parlors typically live on-site where they are confined and coerced into providing commercial sex to 6 to 10 men a day, 7 days a week. These locations, often known as Asian Massage Parlors, or Korean Massage Parlors (AMPs or KMPs), operate as commercial-front brothels that claim to offer legitimate services such as massage, but they actually primarily provide commercial sex. The victims are most often Asian women, both documented and undocumented. Massage parlors frequently operate in strip malls, office buildings, and sometimes, residential homes, in urban, suburban and rural areas

  18. UPDATE: I noticed some (negative feedback in the form of "disliking this comment"), so I decided to flesh out the point I was trying to make.

    On the subject of the "smear" campaign:

    There are a few things that could have happened.

    1. Layton and the NDP could have known that the story was (bound) to come out, so instead of having the Liberals/Conservatives leak the story, they decided to leak the story themselves, so that they could be prepared for any fallout — and actually gain political capital from handling it so well.

    2. Layton and his people could have actually been the ones to leak the story (without anyone else knowing about it). Because of the sheer lack of conviction from the story, Layton and the NDP thought that this could be a great way to make people think that the Conservatives/Liberals are (that) desperate that they have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find something bad about Jack. In doing so, it could catalyze support for Layton.

    3. Or, it could have been dug up by a reporter (or given to a reporter) by someone from another political party looking to dampen the support for Layton.


    I'm not saying that I think that Layton and his people leaked the story, in fact, it's probably highly unlikely they did, but it would have been quite a bold move (had they been the ones to do so). Given everything I've heard from his campaign (or read about his campaign), it would really shock me if he had done something like this… but sometimes you never know what happens behind closed doors.


    I'm looking forward to watching the numbers from the ridings come in! :-)

    With Love and Gratitude,


  19. In our political zeal maybe we are forgetting the real point of this investigation.
    Many of us have been interviewed by the police at one time or another.
    A young man from my town was moving to a new city. He was looking for an apartment and made an appointment to see one that was advertised. Not knowing the city he didn't realize that it was in a really seedy area. He had a quick look at the apartment and left. While he was walking back to his car a few blocks away he was stopped by a couple of police officers and questioned. Turns out they were investigating complaints of drug dealing going on in the building and his quick visit raised suspicions. they took down his personal information and let him go on his way.
    Now fast forward a few years. Say he's running for office and a headline comes out declaring how he was questioned in connection with a drug operation. Some people will jump to conclusions.
    So the point is not if Mr. Layton is guilty or not, the point is the right of a Canadian citizen to have this information kept confidential has been violated.
    That is why this is a serious charge that should concern Canadians of all political stripes.

  20. Convenient timing on this 'leak'. If no charges were laid, I'll give Jack the presumption of innocence. Harper, however, has proven his 'guilt' on numerous issues. This smells like one of his tricks – another attempt to get what he wants, regardless of the truth…

  21. why arent any of the mainstream Tv networks reporting on this ? This is without a doubt a major issue. According to Chow's statement this was a frequent occurrence. To dismiss this as a smear tactic is disingenuous.9.30 in a known brothel.. human trafficking, sex slaving and child pornography are the direct results of "johns" who frequent these places. The cover up and lies are already starting.

  22. OPP should send him to John School.

    If he were being tried by his beloved Taliban, they'd castrate him.

  23. Velvet Touch – A Community Clinic – Who Knew????
    Olivia Chow was quick to release a written statement, that husband Jack Layton indeed did attend a "registered massage clinic" and she was well aware of it and he "needed a massage" late in the evening.
    Jack Layton, later at a rally in Burnaby, was quick to point out and clarify Olivia's comment, that in fact it was a "community clinic" (Velvet Touch -good name) where he obtained his services. In trying to protect his political career, and in tune with the NDP philosophy, he felt it very important to stress it was a "community clinic" not to be confused with a private clinic. It was essential in the middle of this election, to inform Canadians, in order to solicit their support, he wouldn't be caught dead at a private clinic, a for profit health care facility, where illegal, underage, Asian sex workers, would be employed by rip off artists, in the Canadian health care field – it would have to be a community clinic he patronizes – there should be no confusion. The reason that it was late at night that he was there, we would also assume was that he didn't jump the queue, but waited his turn. A good leader leads by example.
    I wonder if Canadians becoming more aware of the fine details of the NDP health care platform and of Layton's expansion of health care services to include these "community clinics", help explain the surge in support for the NDP in this current election. Does anybody in the main street media have a better explanation for the NDP surge and why are they reluctant to discuss this NDP expansion of Canada's health services?
    Why and how could the Toronto city police confuse a community clinic with a bawdy house?

  24. As read in some journalists' tweets, this news have been known by them for quite a while, the question should be why are the main stream media did not investigate this further? Who are they to filter what we should read, hear, think or not? Did they ever thought, that this man who is a member of the house of commons and could be the opposition or the Prime Minister could be open to extortion and blackmail by gangs and unsavory people (who owned this parlor and who had been suspected of taking videos of the going on in that place) which might affect his stance on policies that is important to nation as a whole? The way he tried to sleaze himself out from the scandal by describing it as "community clinic" instead of massage parlor tells us much of his character. In addition to this incident he has been caught using a subsidized housing even with his and his wife's high income, one of the highest spending MPs (so is his wife), using private hospital even with his sanctimonious denunciation of private health care, high use of limousine service (charge to the government) while making a stage show of using bicycle around. The Main stream media will be remembered just as hypocritical for their silence and being easy on an official who was caught naked in a massage parlor (with illegal immigrants sex workers) while showing their contempt by using of the word “Skank" for those who merely report the news sans sleeve. Just like the Liberal party, the media are just as clueless how many of us loss respect and faith on their abilities to be fair and professional in doing their job.

  25. Registered Massage Therapists (with their clinics and organizations) who fought and work tirelessly in making sure that their profession cannot be mistaken for those mentioned in the police report would surely feel insulted for having their profession and their clinics being used as an alibi. How can a massage parlor be replaced with the word "community clinic" by someone who live around the community, worked as a city councilor of that city, and who is active with city bylaws with regards to bawdy houses with illegal immigrants sex trade workers is beyond comprehension. Why do officials (like another NDP MP who was caught stealing jewelry – MP Robinson?) get away without being charged while regular citizen, like the China town Toronto shop owner defending his shop from a chronic shoplifter, gets charged?