Opponents gang up on Mar in leadership debate

Former health minister criticized for lofty “transition” payout


Alberta Tory frontrunner and Gary Mar came under heavy fire from his two opponents, Alison Redford and Doug Horner, on Wednesday during an hour-long televised debate ahead of Saturday’s party leadership vote. Mar, Alberta’s former health minister, faced criticism for accepting a $478,499 MLA transition allowance after leaving office in 2007. Mar had promised to defer that payment, but accepted it in 2008. Both Redford and Horner face long odds if they hope to topple Mar, who captured 41 per cent of party members’ votes in the first ballot on September 17.

Calgary Herald

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Opponents gang up on Mar in leadership debate

  1. So did they expect him to not accept the half a million dollars? Are they suggesting that they would not have accepted half a million dollars if it were offered to them? I hope no one would believe that.

  2. The majority of Albertans did expect Mar to accept his grandiose pension; we recognized the ‘political posturing’ for what it was.  We were already ‘ripped-off’ for basically the same amount with the Mar / Charlebois scandal.

  3. I think that regardless who wins, the Wildrose it going to get a lot of support. All three look like liberals.

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