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Opposition moves to find Tories in contempt of Parliament

Could trigger election call


An election call could be triggered as early as next week, following the announcement by opposition parties that they will find the Harper government in contempt of Parliament and have begun efforts to put the matter to a vote in the Commons. The Liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois confirmed they will work via a committee they control to produce a report for the Commons
regarding the government’s failure to divulge cost details about its tough-on-crime agenda, corporate tax cuts and plans to purchase stealth fighter jets bills. They say this “constitutes a contempt of Parliament.” The minority Conservatives are attempting to slow the effort, and it’s not clear when the opposition will deliver the report to Parliament. Once they do, though, it clears the path for a vote that officially censures the Harper government. If this comes to pass, it will mark the first time in Canadian history that a government’s been found in contempt of Parliament.

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Opposition moves to find Tories in contempt of Parliament

  1. It's a good thing that these committee hearings are video recorded.

    Should make for entertaining sound bites when the coalition of losers foolishly votes non confidence.

    • Harper and his cronies are about to go down in history.
      How does it feel to loose at your own game of hard ball Bob?

  2. that's perfect – that way Iggy will have time to prepare for his courses at Harvard in time for the Fall semester.

  3. Stampeding to an election like lemmings off a cliff.

  4. I call for the defeat of all MP's or their “Contempt of the Canadian tax payer!"

  5. As of Friday, not sure where we are going yet. Mrs Oda gave an apology, several trees were spoiled to give documents to the committee which will go straight to the blue box and still no clear decision. The PM will be in Europe this week-end and with everything happening around the globe these days, no one can polarize the newscast.

    Folks, this one will go to the wire….

  6. If the Liberal lies about the cost of the long gun registry, which does nothing but penalize honest ranchers, farmers, hunters and target shooters, at a cost incredibly higher than the $2 million they said it would be is any indication, they are the last folks in the world to be pointing fingers at an initiative that would actually work. Having worked in Corrections for just under 30 years, I am well qualified to suggest what works and what doesn't.

  7. it would be nice if the coalition would stop using the committees as their bully pulpits and end this charade. Stop playing games losers, force an election already, the Liberals/Separatists and their media have already manufactured their narrative, so stop with the BS already and get on with being destroyed at the polls.

    • Harper and his cronies are about to go down (in history).
      How does it feel to loose at your own game of hard ball?

      • You are right lover, the cretiin raised jackals, the most corrupt government outside the 3rd worlds. And the reason, Mr Harper is heading for another win, and without quebec, the feeding ground of corruption. Now I see quebec just started to learn addition, in English, and see that Harper can win, without one of their EXPENSIVE seats! So hilarious.

  8. And there we have our very own Napoleon dashing off to Paris to meet the big boys and avoiding the pile of economic and Democratic deficits he's created in this formerly civilized country. ____Forget the $56 billion and the $13 B he inherited and spent like drunken sailor without a single Visionary policy in sight to help out Canadians surviving on part-time jobs, with no real industry and technology innovations to take this country forward, no Apprenticeship programs, doctoring documnets to vilify civil sevants who disagree with Him, bashing in a Bushleague style whoever doesn't say "Yessirree" to our very own Quaddafi on the Hill.____Any dufus could have run the country with $60 billion and half Billion spent on advertising since 2006 out of the Taxpayers' money! Now he wants his boy-toy Fighter Jets (single engine usless on arctic) provided without bids by American contractors now investigated by Washingon! Then he wants to spend $30 billion on his boy-toy-fighter-jets and god knows what else his little mind may think appropriate for the suffering jobless Canucks who import half million foreigners to help the corporate sector with cheap wages!____Get this dubious Dubya out soon before we join Puerto Rico!

    • When the Liberals were in office we saw massive cutting of transfers to the provinces for Health, Education and Social Services, the raiding of the pensions of the Public Service, the RCMP and the Military, the illegal appropriation of some $54 Billion Dollars paid by workers and their employers into EI, myriad scandals involving graft and corruption by the Liberal Party, the most notable being ADSCAM, and one of the most infamous quotes coming from Justice Gomery saying of the Liberal Party, 'they are criminally organized”.

      The Liberal Party is toast, there is no way back.

      Will Ignatieff suggest a national carbon tax just like the hapless Dion did before him?

      After all, he claimed the carbon tax was his idea.

      And when will they pay back that missing $40 Million from ADSCAM?

      What about the $162 Million Taxpayer Dollars Paul Martin's CSL received while he was Finance Minister?

      • Dude, stop using Conservative Party of
        Canada payroll time to post on MacLean's!

        • The point is that the liberals have a muddy track record of their own. Whoever thinks that they are somehow better is kidding themselves. We have no better alternatives in this country

  9. How does it feel, Herr Harper, to have been slapped on the face by the world and denied the coveted UN Security Council seat where you could have had a real voice? Canada was thrown out by Portugal! This is the very first time Canada lost its seat in 60 years!

    What does that tell you about the lows we've sunk into since this Americanized robot became our (garlic and cross please!) PM!!

    Lament for a nation

    • Idiot Rosie off the meds again.

    • get help Rosie Retarder.

  10. I was appalled at the behaviour of the opposition men toward Bev Oda. They were down right rude.

    Ms. Oda is Japanese, and they are a polite people. It must have been very hurtful for her to be continually insulted and interrupted, but nonetheless, she carried herself with dignity and strength. I think I would have blown my top.

    I found her testimony clear and not confusing at all. The opposition had their minds made up, and nothing that she could say was going to change their mind.

    If I were NDP (as my father) I would be very ashamed of Pat Martin. What an embarrassment.

    • Right, now we have adress Japanese MPs or female MPs differently?
      Get out of here, you're seriously ticking me off. Everybody should be treated
      the same way, regardless or sex or race or religion or sexual orientation.
      You don't like it? Move to a country which doesn't espouse democratic values.

  11. The NDP's Pat Martin, enjoys bullying woman, but like all bullies, he's a punk and a coward! What a disgrace of a human being.

    • The Conservatives, punks and cowards the lot of them.
      Want proof? Just look at how they've disgraced Parliament!

  12. "A Quick One re Tory Scandals" (very brief article)
    "The Tories and Canada are Incompatible" (longish article)

    (Click "About" re reading posts.)