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Opposition MPs return to work

Hold meetings, propose limits to PM’s power to prorogue


As opposition MPs returned to work yesterday, Liberals unveiled a proposal seeking to curb to the Prime Minster’s ability to prorogue future sessions of parliament, less than a week after a similar announcement from the NDP. The proposal would require the PM to give the House of Commons 10 days written notice of a move to prorogue parliament, and would require the PM to submit the question to the House for debate. NDP MPs held their own caucus meeting, and speaking in front of the closed doors of the House of Commons on Monday, NDP Leader Jack Layton called Harper’s move “a high-handed decision to padlock Parliament.”

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Opposition MPs return to work

  1. Nice to know that most of the opposition MPs are back to work. However most of the government MPs have been at work since early in the new year.

    Do teachers only work when they are in the classroom? Do MPs only work when they are in the House?

    • Yes I agree,

      Teachers should unexpectedly and unilaterally get up and suspend classes until March, to go do "work" elsewhere.

      Tell me "Sask Resident", how did you come up with that handle? Were you up all night working on it, or did a bolt of inspiration just hit you out of the "living sky"?

  2. Harper is doing well re Haiti because he is on the world stage! Let us hope he doesn't wind up in the bathroom when they take votes! I wonder if he will have to stand outside the bathroom to speak to B. Obama or UK PM Brown as he did to speak to china PM once. The ego of a man with power needs to be kept in check. Can't do that with this male. Now that he has found how easy it is to shut our house up he'll do it at his pleasure. Nothing will get through to this Arrogant male. We need to get him out out out out out out!!! Women's rights are suffering as is free speech. Canada you are warned!