Opposition parties oppose re-introducing terror laws

Liberals, NDP argue stronger police powers not needed


Prime Minister Stephen Harper plans to reintroduce sweeping police powers to detain and question terror suspects, according to a CBC interview set to air Thursday night. The powers, first granted after the 9/11 attacks then scrapped in 2007, permit police to hold a suspect for up to three days without charge if they believe a terrorist act has been committed, and allow judges to compel a witness to testify in secret about past associations or “pending acts.” Opposition figures say police don’t need the “draconian” laws, arguing the provisions were never used between 2001 and 2007 and haven’t been missed since.

CBC News

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Opposition parties oppose re-introducing terror laws

  1. Remembering 9/11.  Ignoring daily ‘terrorism’:
    At our border:  The overwhelming flood of guns, drugs and organized crime syndicates from the U.S. –  a culture of crime spreading across the face of our nation like a cancer.
    Abroad:  The indiscriminate bombing of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan, Libyia.  The sending anyone ‘turned over’ to the Allies by their personal enemies as ‘terrorists’ to clandestine torture centres in other countries.

  2. Not suprising. Aren’t both the NDP and Liberals big supporters of groups like Hamas?

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