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Originally sentenced to stoning, Iranian woman to be hanged

Supporters say punishment could be meted out as early as today


Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, the Iranian woman who became the focus of human rights campaigns across the world after she was sentenced to death by stoning in 2006 is now facing hanging. Her supporters say the new death sentence could be carried out as soon as today. Ashtiani, 43, has been convicted of the double charge of adultery and conspiring to kill her husband, and received 99 lashes. In August of this year, she confessed to complicity in the 2005 murder of her husband in an appearance on state-run TV. Human rights groups dismissed the confession as an attempt by the Iranian government to taint her image. Ashtiani is awaiting her fate in a prison in Tabriz, a city in north-west Iran. Her lawyer was arrested in October.

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Originally sentenced to stoning, Iranian woman to be hanged

  1. '' Barbarians. "

  2. What a horrible place Iran must be to live in.

    Self Righteous idiots, proclaiming the work of Allah, to justify the killing of someone who, for all we know, just had an extramarital affair. They hang people accused of homosexuality too.

    And to arrest her defence lawyer? It can't be much of a life out there, with so much unfairness, corruption, bloodlust and mindlessness.

    Sharia Law is what makes countries like Iran, so backward. It holds them back, like Catholicism has done throughout Europe's history. Science to me, is human's only hope to a better world. To provide a better understanding of ourselves and this planet.

  3. They also threw her son in prison and tortured him for trying to rally support to save his mother. If I had been raised under those conditions, I might be capable of blowing myself up too.

  4. The fact that Iran considers adultery to be punishable by death is the issue. The reason they do this is because they believe in 1,000s of years old myths and magical books.

    Just remember, that is the root of the problem.

  5. Agree… Well Claudia, you know the old saying,,,Nothing ventured, nothing gained… '' Done.''

  6. So they think changing the method of execution will be enough to change world opinion of their "justice" system and backward laws?

  7. and there are those who wish to impliment Sharia Law in the West! 6000 years of human progress down the toilet!

  8. Muslim women represent the best hope for Islam to find peace within itself. The civilized world should do everything it can to provide overt moral support to Muslim women, hopefully that would lead to a reformation within Islam. If not, then these past decades of violence will be followed by future decades of much greater violence, including nuclear apparently.

  9. and where are all those woman-rights international activists?
    We are gonna have similar sharia law if Canada does not wake up and change immigration system.
    We have large group of muslim slum that wants to have sharia law here in our Canadian backyard.