Orphaned B.C. kermode bear wants human contact, moves to Kamloops wildlife park


KAMLOOPS, B.C. – A rare, white kermode bear with a hankering for human contact will spend the rest of its life in a Kamloops, B.C., wildlife park.

The 18-month-old cub, which carries the rare genetic trait that turns its fur creamy white, was found orphaned in northern British Columbia.

The bear, dubbed Clover, was captured, rehabilitated and released by a northern B.C. group, but was trapped again just months later when it continued to hang around humans.

The general manager of B.C. Wildlife Park in Kamloops says conservation officers decided young male bear was not a good candidate for relocation, and it was sent to the wildlife park, becoming what’s believed to be the first kermode bear in captivity.

Glenn Grant says Clover has an expected lifespan of about 30 years and the park plans to build a new enclosure and interpretive centre to house its rare guest.

The kermode, also know as spirit bears, are B.C.’s provincial animal and are found mainly on the central and north coast, but experts predict there are no more than 1,000 of the animals in the wild. (CFJC)

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Orphaned B.C. kermode bear wants human contact, moves to Kamloops wildlife park

  1. The real story here is the failure of the so-called rehab effort that kept the bear in a small cage with lots of human contact for a year. Where is the rehab in that? They released a tame bear.

  2. The government should state all the facts. This bear had no human conflicts from July to October. The brief feeding of this bear and others did not stop the bears from coming and
    going around mid October. They were not dependant on humans. There were fish
    nearby and it was unfortunate circumstances that led to this issue. This was the first human contact for Clover and there should not have been only the shoot or zoo limited options.

    This bear should not
    be faced with a life time zoo sentence when it was the fault of stupid humans
    who were trying to feed the bears. Clover is not guilty of any human
    harassment. He is innocent and should be given a chance at freedom.

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