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“Orwellian effort at civic image control”

British press report on VANOC homeless crackdown


The campaign to remove the 2,500 homeless people from around the Olympic site before the games begin next week has captured the attention of the British media. The Guardian reports the mounting anxiety felt by those living on the streets “stems from a recent provincial government law empowering the police to force rough sleepers into shelters in extreme weather, a move which homeless groups appear to view as an Orwellian effort at civic image control.”  Meanwhile, those accused of trying to “clean up” the city argue that they are “investing in the community” and that changes made now, in preparation for the events, will only help the homeless community over the long term. Wayne, who has spent the last six years sleeping on the streets of East Van, has his own solution: “I despise the Olympics, but you know what the answer is? Just pull down the whole of the Downtown Eastside, with its bedbugs and cockroaches. Just destroy it all.”

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“Orwellian effort at civic image control”

  1. Perhaps this is why Harper wants to go to BC..

    "Putting boots to the homeless? Where do I sign up?"

    • Don't you know, it's part of his "tough on crime" stance.

    • Classy.

      • you guys may not know the ndp was in power for almost ten years in bc ..they're probably the government most responsible as i heard before them it wasn't so bad

        • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Columbia

          Considering that the NDP formed 3 governments, 1 in the 70's and 2 in the 90's, I fail to see how the NDP who has not seen power in 9 years, is the most repsonsible for the economic and social failings of today. If there is a government who is responsible for current provinical failures, it would the Campbell government which is Liberal in name only, made obvious as 5 curent Liberal MLA's ran in federal seats during the last federal election (as opposed to 2 former liberal MLA's who ran as Liberal's federally). Campbell's governmental style most mirrors Conservatives in terms of lower taxes, increased spending and full scale privatization of crown corps which has seen BC ferries, BC gas, BC rail and attempts at privatizing BC hydro as well over the last 9 years. If there is a government responsible for the economic, social and systemic failings of British Columbia, try looking at the policy of the current government that has had majority rule over the last 9 years. It should go without saying.

  2. "Orwellian" is pretty rich from a country so widely monitored by CCTV.

  3. when a link is recently posted and u get a 404 error, is someone (orwell) taking it down? i understand old ones, but just wondering, i'm not computer savvy by any stretch, but sometimes i wonder

  4. govt has spent over 300 million buying and upgrading single room occupancy hotels: the Park, Savoy, Pennsylvania, Walton, Marble Arch, St. Helens etc etc

    plus opened the 9 storey Lux, 5 floors at Woodwards etc etc

    lived on the street for 6 years, probably mentally ill, and has a room in one of these buildings…

  5. The temperature in BC is quite warm at the moment. How can they use that law, it's not cold enough….Backfire, these BC fiberals, nepotism and inbreeding at its best in BC politics.

  6. "…the campaign to remove the 2,500 homeless people from around the Olympic site"? Has the author of this done any research at all? The 2,500 number (from the 2008 homeless count) is for all of Metro Vancouver, including outlying areas such as Surrey, Delta, Langley, Burnaby, and many places nowhere near the "Olympic site." The number is probably lower than the reality, granted, but there is by no means 2,500 homeless people living around the Olympic site. Reporting so it just shoddy journalism.

    Secondly, there is no campaign against those who are living near the site. I work in the Downtown Eastside, and while the government should be doing much, much more for them, the Vancouver Police have not been enforcing the law that allows them to move people to the door of a shelter, and they will not be doing so in the future.

    This is just poorly researched, shock journalism. The Downtown Eastside has enough problems without the complications of these kinds of fabrications.