Ottawa ain’t Flint

Radio station ads in the nation’s capital spark backlash


A pair of Ottawa radio stations plastered the capital with posters and created a website to remind locals to look on the bright side of the current economic crisis. Their simple message: This Ain’t Flint. Unfortunately, the disparaging reference to the famously downtrodden American city isn’t having the desired warming effect. Ottawa Tourism is disappointed, a local blogger calls it “tacky,” pointless and insensitive to those in Ottawa who have lost their jobs, and the mayor’s office in Flint is altogether unimpressed. “Do we appreciate being made fun of like this? Of course not,” says the mayor’s spokesman. “But … we’ve got more important issues to work on.”

Ottawa Citizen

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Ottawa ain’t Flint

  1. Ottawa must have the dumbest radio stations in the world.

    • agreed. I think that’s a pretty cheap ad campaign! come on, we canadians are usually more honourable than that.

  2. Making fun of any aspect of the recession is bound to fall flat, unless the targets are politicians or bankers.

  3. How about talking a rant about Flint michigan, Maybe a flint radio station should have a radio station say “This ain’t Ottawa, This ain’t Ottawa”. Come on, What will this accomplish. And what advertisers are going to pay for this garbage on the radio, shame on you advertisers. The radio station isn’t going to eat into their own budget to do this. As a citizen of Ottawa, i am ashamed of what newcap radio is blabbing about.

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