Ottawa announces creation of new Arctic sanctuary -

Ottawa announces creation of new Arctic sanctuary

Potential oil patch to be protected by federal government


On Monday, Environment Minister John Baird announced the federal government would give up a potential gold mine of oil riches in Nunavut’s Lancaster Sound, a body of water twice the size of Lake Erie, to designate the area as an environmental sanctuary. The announcement comes after months of controversy and lobbying from environmental and Inuit groups. “Our government is sending a clear message to the world that Canada takes responsibility for environmental protection in our Arctic waters,” Baird said. As well as an important resource for Inuit communities, Lancaster Sound is home to, among other species, seabirds, polar bears, and narwhals.

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Ottawa announces creation of new Arctic sanctuary

    • To bad your an ignorant green weinnie!

      • While I would never hope to be as elegant as West Newf, I do agree with his "jist", if you will.

        Seeing people criticize the government even when they do something unambiguously good is more a reflection on the critic than the government. No governments perfect; take your pet peeves elsewhere.

        Good on the government for making the right decision here.

        • Harper's been pandering all year long that the Russians, the Americans, and the Chinese want to waltz in on our land and take that arctic oil. And of all the areas in the arctic, they chose that one spot that has oil underneath.

          Declaring it an environmentally protected area is the easiest way to prevent their claimed threat because these zones somehow hold more importance in the international courts.

      • Your grammar indicates your ignorance. You're is what you wanted and too..Now everything you say confirms your stupidity.

  1. Harper finally figured out that, on the world stage, its easier to defend and area when it is environmentally protected.

    • Yes Andre, that's what he finally figured out. If only he had had a chance to have coffee with you years ago. Alas…

  2. Read your G&M link – looks like a year later they are getting more money.

    Nothing wrong with making them accountable. “We think it is appropriate that the foundation report to the government on the progress it has made, how those dollars were invested and what we've learned from the research that was done,”

    Also, Andrew Weaver is quite the political animal himself (NDP) – major role in computer modeling for IPCC, B.C.'s Carbon Tax – you always have to be watching for that "hidden agenda".

    • "Hidden Agenda"… wouldnt it just be lovely to vote or support someone who runs at face value? They are who they are, none of this make promises, break later.. This harper administration needs to end soon if we want to see some real change in the current road canadian politics is heading toward.