Ottawa calls for investigation into PEI immigration regime

Follows allegations of fraud and bribery that allowed hundreds into Canada


The federal government has asked the RCMP and the Canada Border Services Agency to look into Prince Edward Island’s immigration program, after alleged fraud and bribery allowed hundreds of people—mainly from China—to buy entry into the country. Premier Robert Ghiz has been dogged by such allegations for years since some of his relatives, as well as those of other ministers and MLAs, benefited from the province’s immigrant investor program, wherein immigrants invest in local companies. The federal Citizenship and Immigration Department called in the police after a provincial official described an incident at a Hong Kong hotel where PEI bureaucrats accepted cash filled envelopes from would-be immigrant investors to have their applications approved. Ghiz questioned the timing of the allegations, which come three weeks before Islanders head to the polls for a provincial election. “Although there are clear political motivations to these allegations—which have been raised repeatedly in the past and have been shown to have no substance—government will cooperate fully with any formal inquiries into these matters,” he said in a statement to the Globe and Mail. The province has never released a full list of companies that received investment through the program.

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Ottawa calls for investigation into PEI immigration regime

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    • Unfortunately, the entire Island is corrupted! Connections, favors and blatent greed have allowed all systems and institutions to become so corrupt that they could never return to any form of legitimacy.

  2. I’ve always been of the opinion that any immigration program that allows people with money to skip most of the selection process is by definition bribery, even if it’s “legal”.

  3. Immigration to Canada in general is a massive fraud and it’s time Canadians find out how many politicians and union leaders are on the take from the Chinese gov’t to keep mass immigration policies in place at all times, rain or shine, no matter what the economy is doing. No matter how much mass immigration obviously hurts the Canadian worker, you never here a peep about it from most politicians and union leaders.   CSIS has been warning us for quite some time now that many politicians are unduly influenced by foreign gov’ts, and you can be sure that this includes the Chinese gov’t which has a keen interest in building a strong support base in a resource-rich country like Canada.  Canadians should take the time to consult websites like immigrationwatchcanada.org and vdare.com that challenge the phony consensus on immigration.

  4. Why am I not surpised that another Liberal government is corrupt !

  5. A long overdue investigation. The only dubious part is the timing of the announcment coming during the election campaign. Although if memory serves there have been rumours of both parties dipping their hand into the PNP cookie jar.( The Liberals albiet more so than the PC’s.)
    This Province is dealing with a crisis in the form of respect. It’s very hard to earn and maintain the respect of our fellow Canadians when Federal tax money is passed out under shrouds of secrecy for the gain of the politcal administrators.

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