Ottawa cancels enhanced employment insurance program -

Ottawa cancels enhanced employment insurance program

Five extra weeks of EI benefits to be cut off as of Saturday


As of Saturday, Ottawa will cancel an extra five weeks of regular employment insurance benefits and end a program that provided up to an additional 20 weeks of benefits for longer-serving employees. Last year, Prime Minister Stephen Harper enhanced regular EI benefits for laid off workers by five weeks in response to the economic downturn. Though the government enhanced EI benefits with its $47 billion two-year spending program aimed at propping up the national economy, the infrastructure taps will be turned off March 31, 2011. Ontario’s Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Monique Smith said only 30 per cent of unemployed workers in the province receive EI benefits compared to 56 per cent in all the other provinces. EI funding has been a long-standing point of contention between Ontario and Ottawa, with Liberals arguing that Ontario workers do not receive a fair share of the federal EI fund, which is sitting at a $57 billion surplus.

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Ottawa cancels enhanced employment insurance program

  1. Living in BC we are quite accustomed to Quebec and N.L. getting the largest portion of ANY gov't. spending. Maybe it is time to join the Alberta Seperatist Party.I want to be Canadian but sometimes it is difficult to wonder WHY.

    • Perhaps BC should get some money from the feds to pay for its education system? I only suggest that because it might help you to figure out that Newfoundland does not qualify for equalization payments in this fiscal year, which would seem to make your jab somewhat off target. (Hint: you missed 5 provinces who actually are receiving payments.)

      Then again, we from NL are quite accustomed to such attitudes from the west (though it is usually from AB).

      • Please don't attribute the above comment to all British Columbians.

      • Please also don't take this opportunity to rage at Albertans – maybe the "attitudes" are not completely one sided.

  2. Ontario pays the bulk of EI, yet only 30 pct of unemployed Ontarians qualifies for EI. The re-training program depends on Fed funding and that will be cut off as well. Ontario needs a party to look after its interest. Harper looks after Alberta, BQ looks after Quebec, Ontario gets the shaft.

  3. This is definitely a bad news for all the workers around the world, not just for Ottawa, or Canada…Im afraid we are going to see more things like that in the future.

    I understand that economic situation is bad, but they shouldn't be solving it on the expense of workers!