Ottawa clinic may have exposed 6,000 to hepatitis, HIV -

Ottawa clinic may have exposed 6,000 to hepatitis, HIV

Cleaning and infection prevention protocols found to be lacking


A private clinic in Ottawa may have exposed up to 7,000 patients to hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV. It was revealed Monday that infection prevention and cleaning protocols were “not always followed” at the clinic located at 1081 Carling Ave., Suite 606. Letters were sent to the 6,800 patients who underwent a procedure at the clinic between April 2002 and June 2011 after an inspection by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario unvcovered what Ottawa Public Health termed “lapses in infection control.” The concerns about the clinic revolve around endoscopies, which are no longer performed there.

CBC News

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Ottawa clinic may have exposed 6,000 to hepatitis, HIV

  1. 2 points: The Clinic should have been identified forthwith in this day and age of transparency. No matter if its a one in a million chance if those 7000 affected  remember always its 100% for the one infected.

  2. This article does not address the important issues… were profits up? Did shareholders make enough profit or were they in need of further lapses in procedure for appropriate levels of profit?

    Of course they will be free of any possibility of personal loss, once the firm is bankrupt from any potential claims from anyone infected.

    Ah yes, private – for profit – health care at it’s finest! Now I see why conservatives have sabotaged Canada’s health care system at every opportunity and plan to disassemble it entirely. It’s for the good of all Canadians!