Ottawa cracks down on stripper visas -

Ottawa cracks down on stripper visas

Strip clubs say they’ve been forced to recruit more students


Owners of strip clubs in the Greater Toronto Area say they’re experiencing a shortage of dancers after Ottawa began cracking down on visas for adult entertainment workers, reports the Toronto Sun. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews responded to the accusation by the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada on Saturday by suggesting that strip clubs are participating in human trafficking. Tim Labrinos of the AEAC said the industry is fighting human trafficking by meeting with every single dancer to inform them of their legal rights. Labrinos added that because of the shortage of dancers, Toronto’s 33 strip clubs will be required to recruit more students. He said that students already make up roughly 20 per cent of Toronto’s 5,000 exotic dancers and that at least one club already offers full tuition payment on top of wages.

Toronto Sun

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Ottawa cracks down on stripper visas

  1. Hope these new scholorship options make their way into the next Macleans Univeristy edition.

  2. Holier-than-thou snobs will always end up hurting the people they try to protect with their dubious views on morality.

  3. Strip clubs say they've been forced to recruit more students

    Would that be forced, as in gun-to-head forced? or-else-face-imprisonment forced? ever-wanna-see-your-cute-puppy-alive-again forced?

    Or would that be as in offer Canadians compensation levels competitive enough to attract applicants?

  4. And it's BAD that they are providing more jobs for Canadians?

  5. There's almost an implied threat that he'll have to prey upon your daughter if he's not allowed to exploit foreign girls. Pay up.

  6. Why do we need strip clubs anyway–dade a female, any female over 12 and you get all you want…

  7. wow….if you truly are a judge….I wood like to halve my next cort kase herd in yer cort rum sir. And what is up with 12? Really …..12? You need to have your head examined.