Ottawa denies involvement in Khadr talks

‘Media reports to the effect there would be a Canadian agreement are not correct’


Officials in both Canada and U.S. are denying reports U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had arranged to speak with Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon about Omar Khadr’s repatriation to Canada. “Media reports to the effect there would be a Canadian agreement are not correct,” said Catherine Loubier, a spokesperson for Cannon’s office. “There is no such agreement. Omar Khadr is facing serious charges in the U.S. These serious charges would have to be addressed in the U.S.” CNN is reporting Clinton and Cannon had arranged to discuss the case Wednesday night, with further negotiations scheduled for Friday. But a spokesperson for Clinton said “There was no such call.”



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Ottawa denies involvement in Khadr talks

  1. This is a good thing.

  2. Let him rot in US jail. His family should be deported.
    Canada don't need any more citizens of convenience that gladly take welfare and free health care but openly hate everything what Canada stands for.

  3. Khadr must be sent to Afghanistan for trial, that is where he killed and terrorized people.

  4. Of course Canada denies involvement what do you expect from a bunch of corrupt politicians?

  5. I was disapointed to read in the "Good News" section of this weeks Macleans that this terrorist was possibly returning to Canada.I was really hoping that the next article I read on him would end with him at the receiving end of a death sentence.At the very least,let him stay in a US prison and be a burden to them.He is a terrorist, a killer and a disgrace to our country.I am ashamed as a Canadian that we have citizens in our country that actually support him.

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