Ottawa ends mandated retirement

Federally regulated employers will no longer be able to force employees out at 60 or 65


The federal government has quietly killed mandated retirement in federally regulated industries, ending a controversial practice that began 30 years ago. A provision altering the applicable section of the Canadian Human Rights Code was tucked into the budget bill signed into law last week. Beginning in Dec. 2012, 12,000 federally regulated employers will no longer be able to force out employees when they turn 60 or 65. “This was an overnight success after 20 years of lobbying,” Susan Eng, a vice-president at CARP, told the National Post. “They buried it in the larger budget bill, and this is one time where I’m glad they did.”

National Post

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Ottawa ends mandated retirement

  1. its “mandatory”, not “mandated”, retirement (read the NP article for cryin’ out loud!) – it should also be noted that this change only affects approximately 7% of the labour force (the proportion of individually that are covered by the Canada Labour Code, the remainder being covered by provincial labour codes).

    • It is catching up with the provinces, however. BC eliminated mandatory retirement several years ago.

  2. Way to go baby boomers…destroy our environment now refuse to relinquish your jobs so the rest of us can work.  Thanks, thanks a lot.  Enjoy your healthcare because we won’t enjoy that either.  Scorched earth anyone?

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