Ottawa hands out $12-million Haiti contract without bids -

Ottawa hands out $12-million Haiti contract without bids

Recipient said to have ties to Conservative party


Canada has had its eye on building temporary facilities to house the Haitian government since days after the massive earthquake that destroyed much of Port-au-Prince and Stephen Harper finally announced Ottawa would go ahead with the project during a visit to Haiti last month. Turns out the $12 million contract was handed to a subsidiary of Calgary-based ATCO Ltd. without a public bidding process, even though procurement guidelines usually require government contracts worth more than $25,000 to be submitted to one. Ottawa also opted not to post an advance contract award notice, which would have allowed rival potential bidders to submit to submit counter-proposals. According to the CBC, ATCO Ltd. has “significant political connections,” with three of its directors having donated to the Conservative Party. The Public Works Department, meanwhile, says “the urgency of the situation in Haiti and the tight timelines” precluded a drawn-out bidding process.

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Ottawa hands out $12-million Haiti contract without bids

  1. in terms that define corruption in gov't that hasn't changed much since last election, this is code for …okay guys we share six million, accountability? whats that? we're gonna be rich now shut the eff up! call it early retirement….

  2. What is the name on the trailers you see on contruction sites throughout North America? When you look at workers camps, what is the name on the trailers? ATCO.
    They can supply and deliver the required trailers because they have experience in setting up these things in austere areas.
    But I quess it would be much better to have a 6 month bidding process with all the other BS that goes with it/. Oh and wasn’t somebody here bitching that they weren’t spending Haiti relief money fast enough?

    There is no pleasing some people.

    • Yes, because the Conservative party is all about <del>accountability</del> expediency.

    • Throughout North America, or throughout Alberta?

      Given the situation I can perhaps understand the No-bids.. I cannot understand the lack of an advance contract award notice.

      • You haven't been to many construction sites in the province that you live.

  3. Without knowing anytthing about the process by which ATCO was awarded the contract, one can easily say: who else but ATCO would a Canadian agency turn to for this urgent project? and who else but the CBC would so crudely introduce the patronage angle? One despairs.

  4. How much time would have been required to get at least one bid in addition to the ATCO bid?

    • OK, one supposes good form would dictate getting a second even if artificial bid. The point is that ATCO is a justifiably and internationally celebrated Canadian firm with origins in Alberta and with unparalleled expertise in delivering temporary accomodation on time and on budget. For the disaster in Haiti, time was surely of the essence and the ATCO decision was a no-brainer for the Canadian government.

      • My question was not intended as an indictment against the process that was used.

    • because of the rule governing bidding practices it would have actualy taken some time to put this up for bid (the rules prevent a restricted bid process ie asking for a ew specific bids for a contract of this size) but putting up the advance contract award notice would have taken considerablly less time and been a minor delay and is really unexplainable ast Thwim suggests above.