Ottawa hints at abolishing Senate if reform doesn't pass -

Ottawa hints at abolishing Senate if reform doesn’t pass

Kenney says government is willing to consider “dramatic” changes


Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says Stephen Harper could choose a more confrontational path if senators don’t come around to Conservative proposals to reform the upper chamber. The Harper government has advocated imposing term limits on senators and subjecting them to elections, and is expected to put forward a bill to reform the Senate this week. However, senators, even those appointed by Harper, have expressed reservations about the proposed changes. With the spat between the federal government and senators taking place in full public view, Kenney is now reminding senators “we are prepared to entertain more dramatic options.”

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Ottawa hints at abolishing Senate if reform doesn’t pass

  1. Kenney is now reminding senators “we are prepared to entertain more dramatic options.”

    Empty threats.  No one is going to actually call for constitutional change, even for the Senate.

  2. Here we go with the bullying. Do it our way or you’re outta here. What a joke of a Government.

  3. “Pass our unconstitutional and badly concieved Senate reform law, or else we’ll create an even more unconstitutional one!”

    Can someone please buy the Conservative party a copy of the constitution? They don’t seem to have access to read one themselves.

  4. hahahahahaha now we see all the shades of harper’s conservatists!  why change anything?  only power mongers want change like this.  this is the manchurian canidate doing the bidding of some foreign  influences.  i hope that the rcmp & csis remain loyal to the charter as well as our other ministries when the time comes to ask harper to step down because of mental incapacities.  is harper a psychopath?  i want the assessment now!

  5. Harper has every Canadian in his corner to get rid of these free loaders.He will have the full support of the NDP if he opens up the Constitution.  If they are not hypocrites who will see some of those Maritime provinces lose their clout.The only Premier that would dare resist the change would be Quebec.Any other premier in Canada including Ontario would do so at their own peril.

    • “If they are not hypocrites who will see some of those Maritime provinces lose their clout.”
      Could you please explain this sentence? 

  6. There are rumblings on the Hill and across the land regarding the abolition of the Senate; that is a bad idea, as is an elected Senate. The P.M. doesn’t appoint the Senate. The Senate is appointed by the legions of Canadian thought and institutions, subsidized and paid for by all of us, with the intent of developing proper men and women to shield the rest of Canada from sudden impulse or lawful degradation. It’s possible for Senators to serve the wrong master.
    A Senate is needed in an absolute way. We’ve know this from the inception of Athenian democracy. There must be something in place that prevents political leaders from passing instantaneous bills and legislation. The appointing of judges and directors deserves equal circumspection.
    The quality of speaking, thought and debate within the Senate is truly worthwhile. The discussion of freedom, liberty and justice are not missiles inside a constitutional silo. We shouldn’t complain about the minor cost. It’s nothing compared to running foreign wars on a credit card.
    That the Senate can be stacked and used like a common trollop is a separate issue and not one that will be solved by limited terms for the like minded. The sources that may have abused the Senate shouldn’t be in a position to decide what to do with it.
    It was never intended that it be mandatory for Senators to vote along party lines. Perhaps we should revisit our intentionality.

    • It may never have been intended that Senators vote along party lines but it is undeniable that they are in fact partisan appointees who vote along party lines.  Sadly that means that parties that never become the govt. will never have representation in the Senate.  With an elected, equal and effective Senate, the NDP (which I personally don’t support) will finally have representation. 

  7. I only wish he would!

    If Harper’s so keen on cut-backs, that’s $100M saved right there.

    Plus no more angst and hand-wringing over an out-dated institution.