Ottawa International Airport wins major award

Ranked first in customer satisfaction


The Ottawa International airport has come out on top as the best in customer satisfaction in airports that serve between two and five million passengers per year. The international distinction is, to Paul Benoit, president and CEO of the Ottawa International Airport Authority, the Stanley Cup of airport awards. “It’s great news for the National Capital region,” Benoit told CBC News. “We’ve had a tremendous year in 2010 with a record number of passengers.” The contest, which is run by the Airports Council International, also named Ottawa the second best airport in North America overall, regardless of size.

CBC News

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Ottawa International Airport wins major award

  1. You buried the lede:

    Ottawa International Airport has between two and five million passengers per year?

    • The cost of flights in Canada blows chunks.

      Buffalo or Detroit for me.

  2. Funny, Halifax International Airport won that award and many others from international aviation councils for over five years running and we never got a mention in Canada. Only now does it become the "Stanley Cup" of airport awards. But I guess if it's not happening in Ontario(center of the Universe) it's not worth mentioning. And just to head off the moronic comments, Halifax handles about 3.5 million domestic, American and European passengers.

    • My only lasting impression of Halifax was a trip I made last summer, when they had just gotten their fancy full-body scanner. I stepped on the pad, and was directed to the special 'full-body' line with six people in front of me. It took me 40 minutes to get through that line, with an average scan time of 6 minutes per person. It was absurd. However, I chalked it up to not being used to the new scanner and still working out the bugs.

      I assume that experience has changed now. To put my Halifax experience in perspective, a couple of days ago I flew out of Ottawa and was diverted into the full-body scan line. My bag, inexplicably, tested positive for minute traces of nitrates, and even with the first scan, the subsequent pat-down, the extra questions, the paperwork, and the disassembling of my bags, I was only delayed 7 minutes.

  3. I don't normally enjoy any of the customer service components of airports, but the Ottawa airport is very well managed and run. Don't get me started on flying Air Canada out of Calgary…

    • I'm looking forward to visiting the new Winnipeg airport, if they can ever fix their issues and open the darned thing. That looks like it'll be a wonderful place to fly out of.

  4. They've also won the 'Best Cardio Workout' award for not putting a moving sidewalk between security and gate 27.

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