Ottawa limits caffeine in energy drinks

Medical community had urged stricter regulations


Federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq announced Thursday that Ottawa will start limiting the amount of caffeine contained in energy drinks such as Red Bull and Monster. The changes introduced by Health Canada will also include new warnings to be placed on the beverages. However, Aglukkaq resisted pressure from the medical community, which had called for even stricter regulations, including that the drinks be sold only to those over 18 and only under the supervision of pharmacists. Health Canada will instead cap the caffeine content in the drinks at a maximum of 180 milligrams per single-serve container, or the equivalent of five regular cans of Pepsi.

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Ottawa limits caffeine in energy drinks

  1. And it’s nanny state for the win!

  2. Completely useless. A Red Bull only has 80mg in a can anyway. You get almost twice as much caffeine in a standard drip coffee (145mg).  Although, this does mean that Starbucks now has to put warnings on their Tall and Grande coffees.

    Perhaps somebody should have sent this site: http://www.energyfiend.com/the-caffeine-database to Ms. Aglukkaq before she wasted the taxpayer’s time and money.

    • The real problem here was that no goal was set. Why do we want to regulate caffeine drinks? to prevent children from drinking them? good luck with that. To prevent people from over-consumption? too-late for that. And contrary to what people these two people is not energy drinks’ fault. Soft drinks have been marketed to kids long before the appearance of Red Bull and the mass populations of coffee shops is the cause of people upping on their caffeine intake.

      Fortunately Aglukkaq didn’t waste time, she just bought some. The measure is so soft that only about 5% of brands and sizes will be excluded from Canadian Markets and the extra information will cost producers a pittance in marketing real estate.

      That should keep the enraged mothers off her back long enough to find a way to resolve the issues without killing off the coffee shops.

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