Ottawa looking into reports that a Canadian man was killed fighting in Syria


OTTAWA – The Department of Foreign Affairs is looking into media reports that a Canadian-born Muslim convert has been killed fighting in Syria.

Reports say Mustafa al-Gharib, a 22-year-old who was born Damian Clairmont in Nova Scotia, was killed by Free Syrian Army forces during rebel infighting in the embattled city of Aleppo.

He left Calgary in 2012 to join a group of jihadis fighting the regime of president Bashar al-Assad.

Foreign Affairs spokesman Jean-Bruno Villeneuve says they are aware of the reports of al-Gharib’s death and continue to monitor the situation.

Word of the death first appeared on social media Tuesday night by way of a fighter who apparently knew al-Gharib personally.

It also came amid published reports that European intelligence agencies have shared information with the Assad regime about the 1,200 European jihadists who, like al-Gharid, have joined militant groups in Syria.

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Ottawa looking into reports that a Canadian man was killed fighting in Syria

  1. The religion of peace claims another one…..but at least in this case, it’s good news.

  2. if my guess is right, he’ll be waiting a long time for his “promised allotment” of 70 virgins.

  3. As could happen to any religious (Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, etc.) fundamentalist, he was asked to put his life on the line, did so — and lost. Regardless of their faith, religious fanatics are superstitious fools who live and die prematurely for something that does not exist: God.

  4. The sad part however, is that there are many more young men just like this guy. You could probably find over one hundred of them at each mosque in Toronto.