Ottawa lowers its emissions reduction targets -

Ottawa lowers its emissions reduction targets

Environment Minister Jim Prentice says new targets fall in line with those of the U.S.


Canada’s emissions reduction targets have never considered particularly ambitious. And yet, Ottawa apparently found them restrictive enough to lower them. Environment Minister Jim Prentice announced on Saturday the federal government was revising its original goal of cutting emissions to 20 per cent below 2005 levels by 2020 to 17 per cent below 2005 levels. According to Prentice, the new target puts Canada’s emissions reduction plans in line with those of the U.S. “The unfulfilled promise of Kyoto we leave behind us,” Prentice said. “This is an approach that will work. It will only work if everyone who emits carbon puts forward their reduction obligations and does so in the way Canada has today.”

Vancouver Sun

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Ottawa lowers its emissions reduction targets

  1. There are two kinds of countries/Prime Ministers. Those who say they can, and those who say they can't. They're both right. Being constantly put in the "can't" category by our visionless PM is embarrassing.

    • The move is a correct one. Go live in Europe with the rest of the warmers. We have had enough of your kind here. Global warming is dead so stuff it leftard.

      • Who's we? The majority of Canadians want to see progress on the environment, including climate change so I'm not sure who you think you are speaking for. If you call that speaking.

  2. Harper and his creationists government baffons are a disgrace. Big oil owns them . The rapture is just around the cornor anyway so why preserve the earth ?

  3. when you list the top emiters of carbon the oil industry isn't even number one …you never hear on the news how the meat and dairy industries are the prime creators of carbon

    • Wellllll… According to an anonymous poster on a forum, this is a fact. According to Environment Canada, Agriculture causes about 60,000 kt co2 eq. which is well below transportation, electrictiy generation, "fossil fuel industries". And that is agriculture writ large, not just meat and dairy.

      • i just googled it, although you can't trust the internet or the united nations …the un's report "livestocks long shadow" says livestock are responsible for 18 per cent of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming, more than cars, planes and all other forms of transport put together……the news however, rarely mentions this…anonymous posters like you perhaps haven't heard of this

      • Perhaps that number only counts CO2 emissions, but conveniently ignores the absolutely enormous methane emissions from cattle, particularly.

  4. Why do we need Jim Prentice at All? Rather than having Joe Biden send a fax to the office of the Minister of the Environment informing him of Canada's new admission targets, why not have Joe Biden send the fax directly to our bureaucrats?

  5. You leftards dont get it. Global warming is a dead idology. The science is way off. Get a life!

    • Spenc Canada – nice cogent arguments.

    • the melting of the icecaps must be quite a magical illusion, when you get a bunch of greedy republican types it's not suprising they would be against something that they think cuts into their profits …these are some of the same people who's science says that he world started 6000 years ago with adam and even

  6. Awesome. Restricting our economy by even 1% in the name of non-existent AGW would be a mistake. If they want to impose measures to reduce actual pollution (SO2, sewage outflow, etc.) by all means, please do so, but this "CO2 is the devil" BS is getting old.