Ottawa plans to go ahead with plan that could let in U.S. telecom giants -

Ottawa plans to go ahead with plan that could let in U.S. telecom giants


MIRAMICHI, N.B. – Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the Conservative government doesn’t plan to change rules that Canada’s biggest telecoms say will give foreign wireless firms an unfair advantage.

Speaking in Miramichi, N.B., today, Harper said he understands companies like BCE Inc. (TSX:BCE) have to stand up for their shareholders and employees against allowing giant foreign firms like Verizon Communications Inc. to move into the Canadian market.

But Harper says Canadians want to see more competition in the industry and lower cellphone rates.

There have been reports that U.S.-based Verizon Communications is exploring a move into the Canadian market by purchasing Mobilicity or Wind Mobile, two of the new wireless carriers that launched their services a few years ago.

The Canadian carriers are disputing rules that would allow Verizon to use their wireless networks and bid on more wireless spectrum — the radio waves used by mobile communications devices — than the incumbent carriers at an auction planned for January.

Harper says the federal government won’t alter course and plans to proceed with the auction.

Telus Corp. (TSX:T) said any changes to rules would need to be made by Sept. 17, which is the last day to file a deposit to participate in the spectrum auction.


Ottawa plans to go ahead with plan that could let in U.S. telecom giants

  1. Good, but lets go farther as these cartels, and they are cartels, need more than just cell, add in cable TV, Internet and phone too. Even consider getting rid of other cartels like the dairy cartel, didn’t hurt New Zealand to do it. Also need to get rig of RIV sponsored auto cartels, removing price prop ups buried in hidden tariffs, duties and excise that even tax poor for a pair of shoes.

    Part of why Canada has so much trouble with getting trade agreements is that we have so much tariff protectionisms to cartel a industry. Its why many items we buy are cheaper in the USA….Ottawa loves lobby money for cartel practices. But it is anti-competitive trade practices to make our lives more expensive.

    But hey, I dropped the cell phone 4 years ago as I am tired of subsiding cartels. Only effective vote I have is to not patronizes those that pick my pocket with hidden and real taxes for what amounts to “family” and corporate cartels.