Ottawa pledges new Champlain bridge for Montreal

Project could take 10 years to build, cost $5 billion


The federal government announced Wednesday it would replace Montreal’s crumbling Champlain bridge with a brand new structure. Transport Minister Denis Lebel was in Montreal for the announcement of the project, which is expected to take 10 years and cost $5 billion. In its accompanying press release, Transport Canada says it wants to explore implementing tolls on the bridge, and using public-private partnership to build it. Lebel said he doesn’t know when construction will start, adding that his ministry needs to conduct more studies.

Montreal Gazette

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Ottawa pledges new Champlain bridge for Montreal

  1. It has been reported that this bridge will create 30,000 jobs.  WOW, thirty THOUSAND jobs.

    I wonder what that number really means, because I’m sure that after the bridge is put in service there are not going to be 30,000 people required to operate and maintain that bridge.

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