Ottawa reportedly expels Russian diplomats

Move connected to spying scandal, reports say


Ottawa has reportedly expelled four staff at Russia’s embassy after charging a Canadian navy intelligence officer with handing classified information over to a foreign entity, The Globe and Mail reports. Though the Harper government has not said to whom accused Navy SLt. Jeffrey Paul Delisle was passing secrets, media reports suggested it may be Russia. Perhaps confirming those rumors, the names of four staff at the Russian embassy in Ottawa have disappeared from the Department of Foreign Affairs’ official list of diplomatic, consular and foreign government representatives, the Globe noted today. Authorities have declined to confirm the Russian staff were expelled and that the move was in connection with the spying scandal, Reuters reports.

The Globe and Mail


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Ottawa reportedly expels Russian diplomats

  1. As details begin to emerge it now sounds suspiciously like another Harper media bomb designed to splat and stink for the highest effect possible.

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