Ottawa spends $650,000 on “unique treasure”

Century-old vase shows “how Canadian and American cultures are closely connected”


The Canadian government has spent $650,000 at a Sotheby’s auction for a vase made by the famous American jeweler Paulding Farnham. The gold, silver and copper artifact, which stands at 65 centimetres and is adorned with B.C.’s coat of arms and a silver ptarmigan, was purchased under a special fund for acquiring nationally significant art by the National Gallery of Canada. “We were attracted to this extraordinary vase because it tells the story of how Canadian and American cultures are closely connected,” said the gallery’s director, Marc Mayer. He also thanked the government for “acting decisively” to provide financial assistance to cover the cost,  which amounted to five time’s the vase’s expected price.

Ottawa Citizen

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Ottawa spends $650,000 on “unique treasure”

  1. Spending like drunken sailors. We cannot afford this as well as most of the Harper acquisitions. The F35 is the ultimate waste because it is ill suited for our needs and costs way to much .

  2. i have an old vase and would like to sell it

  3. The Cdn & US political cultures are even more closely connected.

  4. Egyptians have Mummies, and we have Vase's….Sigh….

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