Ottawa to ban salvia

Proposal would make it illegal to grow, sell or possess hallucinogenic herb


The federal government plans to add the hallucinogenic herb salvia divinorum to Canada’s list of banned substances. The change would make it illegal to sell, grow, or possess salvia, which is currently sold in head shops as a “natural health product.” The effects of smoking salvia include a brief but intense 5-10 minute high that may include hallucinations. “I’m concerned about it and I don’t know a single parent who wouldn’t be concerned,” St. Boniface MP Shelly Glover said at a press conference on Tuesday. “We are very worried about the long-term effects.”

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Ottawa to ban salvia

  1. People get killed skiing via avalanche, Fall through the ice while fishing, drown while swimming, die in car crashes while racing-what is going to harm these "children" the most, a criminal record, associating with a criminal element now that the "drug" is illegal, spending time in jail exposed to aids and hepatitis c and violent criminals, de-marginalized for life via a criminal record. Is all of this really necessary for a little high?

    • Yes, people do stupid, harmful things. Granted. But the odds of doing something potentially harmful to themselves – or, more importantly, others – goes up significantly if someone is in a hallucenogenic state. And your assumptions as to the penalty for simple possession are a little extreme, don't you think?

      • Have you tried Salvia?? I take it not! I have, your turned into a 2 min couch sitting, chip feasting monster! If anyone does something harmful to themselves or someone else while on this, there was something wrong with them in the first place. Its disgusting how people make assumptions that these herbs will turn people into criminals, not a CHANCE. If you say it will make them do something bad… Not a chance (Maybe eat your parents entire cupboard of snack food!). Get a life Keith.

        • I think it's not really anyones place to say what effects it has on any one individual, or, what that individual may do during the "5 – 10" minute high. Could they do something incredibly stupid, of course. Could a sober person do something incredibly stupid, of course. And I don't think it's any surprise that people who are drunk do stupid things. So why isn't alcohol banned? Perhaps because they tried to at one point, and that ended in failure. I think the more they ban these substances the more we take the responsibility of our own actions away from us. Banning doesn't work, people will always assume free will and will do it regardless of legal stature.

          • With everyone, the psychological and hallucinogenic effects do differ. But Sean is quite correct in saying that you'll be sitting. Standing up straight, let alone walking becomes next to impossible for anyone who has taken the substance for it's duration.

        • Thing is, I HAVE a life and don't need drugs as a substitute for real experiences. Judging by all the replies (and allthe thumbs down to my comment) here, though, this thread is a real stonerfest.

          • Typical — you can't come up with an argument so you resort to personal attacks.

        • Having worked in acute psychiatry for over 10 years, I just have to let you guys know that most of the time there is usually no big issue with using drugs like cannabis and salvia. However, in some cases they can cause psychosis. They can also cause the onset of schizophrenia in someone who is predisposed to the illness. Now I know you are going to want research to back this up so just google salvia & psychosis.

          • Listening to politicians pontificate on almost any subject can also cause psychosis. You don't see a movement to bad CPAC.

      • Using the same same yardstick, i suppose we should criminalize beer too???

  2. NOOOO! I've been wanting to try salvia ever since I saw that Miley Cyrus video. ;-)

    • Plenty of time yet, given how long this "tough on crime" government takes to pass their bills into law. It will have to go through a few prorogues and reintroductions first…

  3. Well… as an adult who has experience with saliva. It's not something people try on a regular basis. I'll have it maybe once…. every 2 or 3 years. It's that sort of experience, very intense and very personal (for everyone I know who has ever tried it). With no toxicity to humans at any dose, being completely non-addictive and not something anyone uses regularly and being completely natural and found abundantly in the wild… and the fact that only I have sovereignty over my body and only I can decide what goes in it… Salvia should clearly remain legal. What could be done is limiting it's sale to adults. I did, afterall, first have it when 16, but then again between then and being 25, only used it 5 times. And hey, I have a good career in broadcast television and am active in politics. I don't see any real harm here. It has, as we are all aware, been around for the entirety of human history without any issues.

    • Exactly! I've smoked it a few times, and there is ZERO desire to do so again anytime soon afterward.

  4. What a hypocritical batch of nonsense…..tobacco kills 40,000 Canadians per year but lets get right on that damn Salvia.
    Is anyone actually IN Ottawa?

    • Get your head out of your ass. Who do you think runs this country? Quit making retarded statements!

  5. What a joke, why are we over paying these people to make bad calls that dont affect anything. We have got pot holes, poverty, pollution to worry about but insteed government money is spent on this trash. They dont care about the very few people who are hurt by this nothing of a drug. Hey while at it why not do what you can about the shark population in alantic Canada as that harms as many people as Salvia! *shakes head*

  6. For those who wonder why we're so concerned about a Harper majority.

    Observe, the ice-berg's tip.

    • I know, right? Because Liberals are and have historically been so unwilling to support ridiculous THINK OF THE CHILDREN legislation.

      Oh, wait…

      I agree it's unnecessary, it's stupid, and it's pandering. But don't delude yourself into thinking that only preventing a Conservative majority will stop this kind of silliness.

      • Once again the plaintitive cry of, "But moooommmm…. they do it too!"

        And once again the reminder of this being iceberg's tip. This is what they do in a minority. As Gerry Ritz has told us, "Once we come back with a majority, all bets are off!"

  7. "we are very worried about long term effects"??? What about the long term effects of alcohol use? what about the long term effects of tobacco use? Oh right, there's big business behind these "controlled" legal substances! I'm so high on coffee right now that I don't know how to feel!

    • Yes, Jesse tobacco should be banned. It definitely would never get on the shelves if it was "discovered" today. Perhaps the same thing can be said for alcohol. You must admit, however, that hallucinogens do not really have any positive attributes and they are known to induce psychosis and schizophrenia so banning them is not really that outrageous. What is really strange, is the lack of regulation on a lot of so called "herbs" sold at the health food store. St. John's Wort and Prozac are the same thing. So why do you need a doctor's prescription for Prozac but you can buy St. John's Wort at the health food store?

      • Why would you say that hallucinogens have no positive attributes? Rather glib with the opinions, aren't you?

      • "hallucinogens do not really have any positive attributes"

        Don't they cause hallucinations?

  8. Canada, you suck

    • I pray that you are not a Canadian Citizen! If you are, post your address on here so we can come and find you!

  9. We've lived in Ottawa for several years and occasionally we encountered signs of life around the Parliament buildings. Whether it's intelligent is another question…but seriously, what is the reason for this decision? Most of the preceding comments indicate that it is not risk analysis – is it the default explanation for legislation, namely powerful economic interests? But where might they lie? Who produces it, where, who sees that as a market opportunity? Interesting that the article doesn't address any of these questions. I didn't know about salvia, but perhaps it should be checked out?

    • Like you could do any better is you were in parliament.

    • The Cons don't believe their scientists, so what would be the point? They just know. The gut is never wrong.

  10. Wouldn't hurt to dry up John Baird…

  11. Why is this on the table? There's a simple answer. It's a partisan move. It's another waste of our time and money that the opposition won't fuss over that helps to draw attention away from the fact that they are involved in the economy in a way that much of their core support disagrees with. They may not have been successful reducing the size of government, "fixed" our economic woes or reformed the senate…but look, the're tough on drugs! Give me a break. I hope Canada isn't dumb enough to take this seriously!

    • no….but they MAY be "dumb" enough to not pay attention

    • Of course it's a partisan move. Let the Liberals take the side of the head shop owner.

      Most stoners stay home on election day. (Trust me, I was in college for two federal elections.)

  12. Yes, with all the serious problems we have let them waste two weeks putting a bill together for something that is of no concern to anyone except for the nonthinking fundamentalist.
    Of course this will put high profits with no taxation on the product for the gangs.

  13. Time to stock up.

  14. Digitalis, otherwise known as foxglove, can kill you. As can a castor oil bean plant from which you can make ricin. You will never see a chew mark from bugs on a chrysanthemum as it contains pyrethrum, a natural pesticide found in Raid and other bug killers. And, you can get really high and have hallucinations on datura, otherwise known as Jimson weed.

    Banning one type of salvia because of this is silly. It won't kill you. There are lots of other plants found in most people's gardens that are harmful, but nothing has ever come of it.

    Why don't they go after Ontario and Saskatchewan for making dangerous Big Pharma anti depressant drugs available for free to smokers wanting to quit which can cause suicidal tendencies by altering your mind and messing with your brain chemistry? I guess inducing a psychotic episode with a prescription pad is A okay with governments everywhere.

    Just a thought…and BTW, I'm a Conservative.

    • Yes, Sharon the foxglove is used to make digoxin, one of the most widely used heart medications. I live in Alberta and although I grow a castor bean plant ever year, it never matures enough to get a seed that carries the very very lethal poison ricin. You are correct about the other plants as well but to my knowledge they are not selling digoxin or ricin in the health food store for human consumption. As I mentioned earlier, Salvia & cannabis can & does induce psychosis and schizophrenia.
      You are very right about medications that can induce psychosis. That is why they are prescribed by a physician and the patient is monitored by a physician. Whereas, salvia, which can induce psychosis is sold at the health food store and the purchaser is not monitored by anyone. Now salvia could be prescribed by a physician but it has no medicinal benefits.

  15. I just have to add one more thing, slightly unrelated but along the same lines in the stupidity of it all.

    The Tory government banned incandescent bulbs not too long ago. This is a ridiculous so called "green" move considering the fact that incandescents give off heat, which can help lower your heating bill.

    The other downside to this is that those eerie blue "green" bulbs are dangerous. Be careful if you break one..they are full of mercury.

    • i can't believe nobody has dispelled that ludicrous "lower your heating bill" argument for you yet.

      • "banned incandescent bulbs'

        Technically, no.

        They introduced new regulations that forced manufacturers to make the old bulbs as effecient as the new CFL bulbs. While quite possible, the manufacturesrs said "meh" and just switched.

  16. prohibition didn't work for alcohol, cannabis, coke, heroin, gambling, pornography, prostitution, guns, and anything else. But I'm sure it will work for salvia. This government sure loves to subsidize gangsters and endanger the public, don't they? Banning salvia will do for salvia what it has done for marijuana: make it more potent, contaminated, expensive, and unregulated than it is now. It will be far easier for your kids to get because dealers never ask for ID, and instead of tax-paying shop-owners selling it , we will have it controlled by teens and gangsters. I have no doubt that this is by design. This government is not trying to protect Canadians, they are trying to manufacture inmates, using Canadians as the raw materials. How else can they justify building 12 news jails when crime is at a 33-year low?

  17. A waste of time and money. There are real issues and problems our politicians need to face, instead they cower behind some nonsense ban in order to avoid the complicated real issues.

    Worried about the long term consequences? There are none, because nobody does salvia more then a couple times. It's not addictivive, it's not fun, it's just weird and creepy. And since the high makes it almost impossible to walk or perform any kind of complex motions and the high only lasts 2-10 minutes it would be very difficult to hurt yourself on it.

    Sure, saliva could do some harm in very rare isolated occurrences but the odds of hurting yourself on salvia are far less then the odds of falling off a bike or getting into a car accident, or falling down a flight of stairs, or running while jumping, or dog bites.

    There's no logical reason to ban this. Just scared politicians hiding from the real issues supported by idiots who argue from emotion and not logic.

  18. As a parent, I'm more concerned about the Theo-con perspective on on cannabis drug crime.

    • Does marijuana use make one repeat words? ;-)

      • No, just bad profreding.

        • Aha, that's a way better explanation. Thanks!!

  19. Bravo…Now The Canadian Government will be responsible for the NEW crimes to be had for making this illegal, Just like all the other drugs that we spend billions to try to make illegal instead of making billions on controlled sales..Now we will have more money laundering, More Mafias and Gangs, More shootings,more selling to KIDS, more deaths, and more tax dollars wasted, instead they should control it and make billions…. I think the government should concentrate on the NUMBER ONE KILLER in the WORLD-ALCOHOL……Enough of wasting our money on Natural Plants that everyone will try in their lifetime anyways, especially if its illegal…..What a STUPID Government…………

    • I believe the number one killer in the world is actually malaria, making the mixture of mosquitos and conditions of poverty the real culprit. It may not be a widespread Canadian problem, but at least it's a real problem with solutions. But your argument still holds true, Mike; there are more important things to focus on, such as the things that this move is specifically designed to draw attention away from.

      'Tough on crime' is a self-realizing prophecy, and one direction in which the conservatives should carefully reconsider their game plan.

  20. Guess I won't be paying HST the next time I buy it.

    • WOW…are you hippies still on the whole HST thing. GET OVER IT!!!

  21. You know, its funny reading all these comments. Its the same for every article relating to the legality of cannabis. An overwhelming majority support being able to decide what they can and cannot put in their bodies. An overwhelming majority support more liberal drug laws. But yet, everyday it seems, our freedoms are being restricted. How does this happen?

    Ill admit I don't entirely understand Canadian politics, but it just seems like this country is run by a handful of narrow minded nannies.

    Can we have it back, please?

    • The irony is, Our Glorious Leader, Steve Harper sells himself as being anti-nanny state.

  22. Common guys, you give drug pushers and dealers more business by banning another substance. Give restrictions by controlling the age group and by conducting public education drive. The more we ban, the more business we give to criminal organizations. What a waste of resources!

  23. Does anybody know if this change would have to be considered by parliament or by parliamentary committees, or is this something the government can change without consultation?

    • Not changing legislation, just changing the regulation, which I believe the Justice Minister can do on a whim.

    • My guess is order in council to amend a schedule to the food and drug act, so the CPC can do it themselves.

    • Regarding "consultation", are you sure there is a real difference between involving parliament and not involving parliament?

  24. Im surprised it took this long, its was a paradox to me why this remained legal while pot was not. My salvia high was the scariest 10 minutes of my life. If i had been say driving a car or even just standing upright when i smoked it, i would have badly injured myself and others.

    • If you had been driving a car you would have been an idiot.

    • Had I been flying a jet while I was asleep last night, probably a world trade tower would have fallen, dummy.

    • Doing salvia while driving would be like cooking while having sex–no one does it. If you do, there's something wrong with you and it does not reflect normal, responsible use. Besides, alcohol is legal, doesn't mean you're allowed to drive while doing beer funnels, does it? If someone chooses to use something irresponsibly, I shouldn't have to suffer being stigmatized for it.

    • Thank you for having the smarts to not drive a car while you got your salvia high.

  25. Yet again the Canadian government is going to ban another herb without knowing anything about it. Its a 10 min crackers jack high ppl jesus do we need to waste tax dollars on this too? What a waste of funds. ITS A HARMLESS PLANT!!!

    • We should also ban those whipped cream dispensers. Whippits a scourge to moral Canadian society!!

  26. Welcome to the Dictatorship of Canada.
    Don't Vote. . . REVOLT!

  27. Legalize Marijuana!!!

    • Loser… you probably don't have a job either.

      • wow prejudice much? actually I have a great job and wife and kids. I am also quite successful and not a loser.

        Take your trolling elsewhere

        • Despite having all those things…you are a loser!!! A drug addict loser! What kind of a father smokes drugs? Great role model, loser!!!

          • My doctor smokes pot. Give it up jerk.

          • Who said he smokes drugs at all? Why would you assume that only people who smoke marijuana favour the legalization of marijuana?


    • Wrong asshole! What planet do you live on? As long as you are using my tax dollars for your health care, your statement is retarded. Anyone who does any type of drug should be denied health care for any illness related to the use of drugs.

      • WOW!!

        Should fat people who eat poorly be denied health care too?? Pretty sure they are a bigger strain on health care than marijuana and saliva… Should we make make fatty foods and MC Donald’s illegal too??
        NO because people have the right to choose that is what being Canadian is all about. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL ME WHAT I CAN OR CAN NOT PUT IN MY BODY.

        Take your Stephen Harper dictatorship to another forum….

        • "Should fat people who eat poorly be denied health care too??"

          Yes they should! If you couldn't care less about what you put in your body, why should i care about paying to fix you. It must upset you knowing that Harper is the Prime Minister and will soon have a MAJORITY!!! Haha NDP loser!

          • Maybe you should go move to the states and pay for your own health care then. Dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

          • I couldn't agree more Mr. T. People who abuse their bodies don't deserve health care.

          • hahaha next time you try to fake a comment you should change your name from Mr. T ROFLMAO

      • The "T" stands for troll.

  29. Conservative rhetoric bullsh*t… they are flying as blind on this call as they are on everything they do, that don't utilize science. they don't take public statistics into account… so why the heck would they be interested in the 'true' nature of this or that drug, when they can just as easily outlaw it and feed into their other biggie agenda, fill those $4.5BILLION worth of new prisons Harpo wants to build in the next two years…. He'll lock our idiotic kids up and send us the bill via our taxes… what a world we are giving our children… GET THE **** OUT HARPER.

  30. Why doesn't the government ever do anything right? Slavia should remain legal. I have done salvia probably about three times in my life and it isn't anything to worry about, I have smoked marijuana more times than I can count, I smoked weed almost every day while attending the U of S and almost every day during highschool, and still today i sometimes every once in a while like to indulge in marijauna smoke and there are negitive effects on me so far. So Salvia nothing to worry about Marijuana nothing to worry about. We as a nation have been lied to our entire lives about drugs millions of people all over the world die every year from caffine overdoses, from tobacco, from booze, but has anyone ever died from salvia? From marijuana? No not that I have ever heard of.
    Signed a teacher in your public school system

    • people die every day from smoking pot…it's called lung cancer! They also die every day from other abuses… Your opinion is a little sad , considering you are an educator…or are suppose to be…but your spelling gives you away or perhaps it is the uneducated teaching the uneducated…

      • yup….cigarettes too….but they are legal…..and liver cancer from alcohol….head injuries from roller coasters…..carpal tunnel syldrome from too much uneducated typing……well the list is endless

      • Pot doesn't cause lung cancer, retard.

          • It has many of the same carcinogens as tobacco – some in higher quantities (or so I was taught in my Drugs and Behavior course in university). I find it hard to believe that it doesn't pose the same risk.

            Do you know of any other studies to back up the one you link to? One study doesn't make the case, but if there's corroborating research, I may have to rethink the issue…

            I do know a heavy pot user who developed severe emphysema from the stuff, though.

          • People don't smoke 20 plus joints a day. The two are used totally differently.

          • Remember the guy with the bad emphysema? Mind you, by the time he came down with emphysema his brain functions had gone from genius level to well below average, if his conversational ability was any indication. And yeah, I fully acknowledge his usage was highly abberant.

            Still, if I remember my course materials, tar content for example was about ten times that of cigs, so that would mean far fewer joints would be needed to receive the same level of toxicity of some substances.

        • Well Brad if you count people with drug induced psychosis or schizophrenia who have commited suicide. Listen, I don't really even differentiate between alcohol and pot but I it is foolish to say there is no risk of adverse outcome to anyone who uses it because that just is not true. Just as with alcohol, some people should not partake.

          • People who have a history of certain mental illness should take marijuana or many many many other legal substances. Should someone with onset schizophrenia drink alcohol? no because alcohol does the exact same thing. Education and prevention over incarceration and prohibition. Look at tobacco, Canada had a huge anti smoking campaign and the number of smokers in Canada dropped dramatically and tobacco stayed and still is legal (as it should be). There is no reason the same would not work for marijuana. Did you know that marijuana was made illegal before anyone did any testing on it? it was illegal for tens of years before there was a single arrest. Why are we wasting tax dollars on prison and prohibition when we could be taxing the sale of marijuana and putting it into the health care system. Look Canadians are going to smoke pot if its legal or illegal thats that and to think otherwise is crazy. Why are we putting people in jail for the preference for a less harmful substance?
            Marijuana is far less harmful than tobacco and alcohol as stated in the 2003 report on cannabis by the senate of Canada as well as several other studies competed by the justice and other government departments. LEGALIZE IT TAX IT AND LET OUT HEALTH CARE SYSTEM FLOURISH!!

          • Also the illegal status of marijuana is far more of a safety issue to the public than cannabis itself.
            How many people are shot and killed in BC over marijuana??? how many mothers have had to watch there kids get taken away in to jail in cops cars because of marijuana prohibition? how many house fires have been caused by illegal grow ops not properly installed due to power theft from fear of getting caught. How many innosent kids have got to jail for pot and came out hardened bad criminals?

            Look at alcohol prohibition, Alcohol prohibition started organized crime (Al capone).

            If you ask me and the MANY MANY STUDIES prohibition is far more harmful than cannabis.

            How many people march in support of prohibition?? none.

            Every years millions around the globe march for there freedom to choose marijuana.
            also do you ever see legalize cocaine or heroin rallies? no cause those are the real drugs…

      • Never ever been a documented instance of lung cancer caused my smoking just cannabis. Never ever has there been a death caused by cannabis consumption.

  31. They should, saliva causes cancer, but only if taken in small doses over a long period of time.

    • I read the same thing. gotta. made me spittin' mad.

      • That was close…would have been a big problem for the good folks of Dog River, SK…..;-)

  32. I'm very worried about the long-term effects of Shelly Glover.

    • LOL

    • I am worried of the long term effects of a Conservative Government.

  33. Once again a promising naturally occurring remedy for various ailments is being targeted by the federal government. Most likely due to the fact that it is not patentable by any drug company and therefore there is no profit in it. The herb is seen as competition to western pharmaceutical companies who would see profits fall if substances like this or marijuana were ever allowed.
    As a parent I am far more concerned about the sale of oxycontin and other narcotics that legally feed the pocket books of the pharmaceutical companies. There potions kill Canadians every day due to the addictive nature of drugs and the spineless physicians who prescribe them without any consideration as to the damage these drugs cause.
    Wake up Canada!!

  34. The drug companies want us to become patients that's why they freely prescribe drugs that cause so many side effects so that they can further treat us with more drugs. Canadians spend more money on pharmaceutical drugs than they do on actual physical treatment why is that? Because if we were actually treated we might not need drugs. The drug companies do not want us to become healthy because if we were who would buy their potions. They are the ones that stand to profit by keeping marijuana illegal.
    We need to see them for what they are, the true criminals, the organized criminals that are really at the core of this drug issue and are making all the money are the heads of the drug companies and there lobbyists.

  35. Nanny prison state retardation, bring on the revolution.

  36. You know they're lying, since when is government ever concerned with the long term effect of anything.

    • Well yes.. she's moving her lips.


  38. If it wasn't for this proposed ban, I never would have even heard about this "salvia" drug.

  39. Smoking salvia must be one of those unreported crimes we keep not hearing about!


  40. I am more interested in knowing when the government is going to ban Dalton McGuinty from ever working in the public sector ever again, and force him to personally pay the taxpayers back for all the billions of our money that he wasted on ehealth, smart meters, Samsung windmills, and solar panel subsidies.

    • What does that remotely have to do with a piece of proposed Federal legislation? Wrong page here…

  41. Wow…another stupid move that the drug dealers will just love. Another product to line their pockets with cah.

    There will be increased petty crime so people can pay the higher prices.

    Well, this is to be expected from a goverbment that loves to subsidize business…even illicit ones!

    • Please pardon the typos.

  42. Huffing gas: Still legal.

    People will stop at nothing to get high.

  43. Leave salvia along, you idiots. You won't stop me from using it, if I care to do so.

  44. Why doesn't the government ban some of the dangerous drugs approved by Health Canada? Stop wasting money to ban salvia.

  45. All medicine and even anything good, when abused is bad for us. If we legislate everything suppose to be bad, we all end up naked and with nothing at all.

  46. NO no no!!!! Adding to the list of prohibited substances is a HUGE step backward in terms of liberty! We should be fighting all forms of drug prohibition–drug use is about individual freedom of choice! The criminal element only comes into play as a RESULT of prohibition laws. Criminalizing people who don't otherwise engage in criminal activity because they choose to indulge in a different substance than state-sanctioned narcotics like alcohol, caffeine and nicotine is absurd, and will only do more harm than good. For people who are concerned about addiction–is better to further marginalize these people by making criminals out of them? And in the case of salvia this is a moot point–it's not really known to be addictive.
    At the end of the day, there are THOUSANDS of plants and fungi that will get you high. Banning one will just give rise to another. Are we just going to keep banning plants because some people like to smoke them?
    Enough absurdity. Stop criminalizing people for making different choices than what was deemed in the 1950's USA to be "normal". End drug prohibition!!!!

    • Stoner!

      (Just sayin'…)

      • Douche bag!

        (Just sayin'…)

  47. While the gov't is busy poking their nose in our business for our "protection", they should also ban bathtubs, or at least make it illegal to stand up in them. Did you know thousands of people die each year from falling in the bathtub? Makes the whole drug issue seem a tad bit OVERBLOWN, huh?

  48. This substance is non-toxic at any concentration.

    It has no health impact except that in low regular doses, it has been used as a mild antidepressant.

    When used at ridiculously strong mixtures (which is common but harmless – hundreds of youtube videos) people act stupid. – kind of like alcohol but faster and without the toxicity, and all traces faded within an hour.

    The issues of cognitive freedom and the burdens upon a misdirected legal system, with the social and family impact that prosecution of psychonauts results in, might be too deep for those who are pressing for this ban.

  49. We'll just call it "enhanced sage" and skirt the laws that way, the ol government trick.

  50. what a joke in europe people use SALVIA for cooking , its been used for the last 2000 years it grows everywhere
    its free , and no one has ever died from it or got high on it. what study has the govenm done to come to this stupid conclusion
    they are wasting tax payers money,another story to pocket money for themselves, wake up people its all lies to control us and everything we do.and you know what they don't care for your health,or else they would remove booze.cigarettes
    make sure night clubs close at 10 so you wont drink and kill someone, control freaks.

  51. This seems remarkably unnecessary given that salvia shows no addictive or habit-forming tendencies. While salvia use can be distressing and psychologically stressful, so can many other fully legal things. Salvia hardly represents some sort of public health issue, and this seems like a great deal of hand-wringing by the same ignorant autocrats who might wish to ban shooter video games for their 'insidious violence' or Dungeons and Dragons for its 'satanism.' I have no doubt that the greater majority of them have no actual experience with this substance: as though who have tried it know, it's not the sort of thing you end up doing every day, nor is it particularly well-tailored to recreational use.

    Shelly Glover claims that parents should support the criminalization of this plant. I would counter that perhaps instead parents should educate their children! This law applies to adults as well, and I don't appreciate self-righteous busybodies legislating away my rights as though I was a child.

  52. Yah it all sounds so harmless till some entrepreneur cuts the stuff with Ecstasy to give the experience a kick.
    Lots of evidence that Salvia has a profound effect on the human body, overt symptoms are gone in minutes but what can affect you that stong in the short term may have long lasting ramifications.
    FYI, Salvi divinorum is not the same as common sage. And extracts are concentrated, not natural doses. As with pot, the doses being pedaled can affect some far more than others
    Get to know your sh*t man. Fool you once, could be the end!

  53. Yes, it is bad but if the government will successfully ban this, then they just provide criminal organizations a free advertisement for substance to make money from. Spend money where it matters, public education drive against addiction.

  54. Cuts it with e? Are you for real?

    Salvia lasts a very short time. Extracts don’t change that.

    You can’t cut it. Especially with e.

    One: that’s gross and not something someone would waste their e on.

    Two: e doesn’t burn that well.

    How about you get an idea about what you’re talkin about before you beak off at someone yourself?

  55. Oh no!
    A 5-minute high that may include hallucinations!
    If that is criminal, then they had better criminalize prayer and meditation as well.

    Although, I don't see a way that organized crime can make money from prohibiting prayer and meditation.

    When will people realize that prohibitionists are almost invariably in the the pay of organized crime?

  56. Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.

    Do the Hells Angels really need another product to sell?

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