Ottawa to build new federal prisons -

Ottawa to build new federal prisons

‘Crime isn’t going down’


Due to Canada’s “unacceptably high” crime rate, federal Public Safety Minister Vic Toews says Ottawa has no choice but to build new prison units. Toews wouldn’t say how many new units are in the works or where they’d be located, but he pledged to do everything in his power “to keep dangerous prisoners behind bars.” Recent data from Statistics Canada shows the country’s crime rate has in fact been falling. “Both the volume and severity of police-reported crime fell in 2009,” three per cent from 2008 and 17 per cent from 1999, according to the StatsCan report. However, Toews dismissed the data, saying “crime isn’t going down” and that “Canadians should not be subjected to that kind of crime rate.”

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Ottawa to build new federal prisons

  1. While crime doesn't pay, the Fear Index is the gift that keeps on giving… the gift of FEAR!!!

  2. God save us from these idiots.

    No, seriously god, these guys are claiming to be your biggest fans, so could you reign them in a little? LOL

  3. Prisons to incarcerate all those perpetrators of unreported crimes.

    How is it that people can seriously perpetuate the myth that Cons are judicious stewards of the public purse when this government continues to be so demonstrably profligate with our taxes?

    They're a bad joke with no punch line.

  4. And here's who Steve is gonna fill all his shiny new cages with: "Stupid Is As Stupid Does":… and "Calling the Tories Out on Bill C-15 – "The Politics of Fear""" :

    "There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals. When there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws." – Ayn Rand

    • Then support Mr. Harper when he talks about reducing the size and scope of government. For thats the real problem in Canada and the rest of the western world.

      P.S. Love Rand!

      • My problem is that he wants to increase the size and scope of The prison industrial complex in Canada………and that is a real problem in any world….and what this thread is actually about…..

      • Something tells me Ayn wouldn't be voting Harper

  5. Crime rates and total crime are two very different animals. The first is based on total crimes in a given area per 100 thousand citizens. If you stop and think about this, crime rates can stay the same or fall as population grows. That does not mean that crime is decreasing, in fact total reported crime can actually be increasing. Think about it!

    • It's the crime rate that Toews thinks is unacceptably high, not the total number of crimes.

      Your argument would only hold water if there were criminals who would ordinarily be facing jail time who are being set free because of a shortage of prison spaces.

    • Based on that logic there's less crime in Winnipeg compared to Ottawa, since the total number of crimes in Winnipeg is far lower. However, Ottawa has a far lower crime rate and is noticeably safer too, as the chance of being mugged or having your car stolen in Ottawa is far lower than in Winnipeg.

      So what matters more, a bean counting exercise of the total number of crimes, or the relative safety of individuals?

      I know my answer to that.

  6. If crime rates are declining, but people will be spending more time incarcerated, the number of individuals will be reduced. New facilities, more beds (assuming it means more cells rather than more beds shoved into existing cells) should make conditions within the prison better for the inmates. Haven't heard anything from the constituency that usually advocates for better living conditions in prisons. Wonder why?

    • Guess you haven't been paying attention. Craig Jones from JHS has been on this file for a number of years now.

    • Math fail.

      It is indeterminate. If sentences increase faster than the crime rate falls, the prison population will increase.

  7. monstrous. The entire tory caucus should be forcibly removed from office and yes, arrested, for what they are doing. it is absolutely beneath contempt

    • Monstrous? The Don Jail is continnually sleeping 3 inmates to a cell. There are complaints of mice, facility shutdowns are frequent, inmate killings by these poor, wrongfully accused victims are rote. We need more prisons because we can't keep 3 people to a cell; it's unfair. Moreover, in a country where a "life sentence" loosly translates to no more than 25 years unless your story garners media interest a la Bernardo, I'd say Canada is not only soft on crime, but eager to allow even the worst of us (murderers) a second chance after the average 7 years is served.

    • Mr Barth, come back when you have acquired some experience of the world, and take a course in written expression.

      • well………..that was obnoxious and condescending……..Harper didn't even own a passport before becoming PM and the Reformers are CONSTANTLY harping on Iggy as a "American Elitist"……….so I thought the Harper supporters would appreciate a Lack of "Wordly experience"

  8. Take the criminals off the streets, and keep them off the streets.

    • …especially the imaginary ones.

      • huh?

  9. Do people realize people who grow their own medicine will be going to jail, while the mafia grows all the government weed and all the illegal stuff so they have a monopoly and the government can make a profit as well.

    Weed/Cannabis/Marihuana/Hemp can be converted into FUEL, plastics, paints, fibre, medicine, soaps, concrete, asphalt, and in fact cannabis hemp produces the most nutritionally dense and balanced seed on planet earth. 2 tablespoons is like eating a big salmon! 2 tablespoons! And cannabis hemp fuel is 7 seven times more efficient in its ability to grow a crop, meaning hemp fields produce 7 times more hemp ethenol/fuel than corn ethenol. This is why the government spends millions on propaganda to induce fear into peoples lives over a plant that has never, will never hurt a single soul on this planet, Also cannabis hemp oil cures cancer! Hemp fuel is totally biodegradable unlike modern oil.

  10. Spread the truth, the economies of the world can grow IF CANADA shows the world as an EXAMPLE as to how to manifest a revolution! Grow cannabis! They cant build prisions fast enough come on people think even if just hundreds join in planting seeds all over thats more than enough to show the world there is no fear by setting an example. If thousands of people grow, if tens of thousands grow it will be really hard for government to manifest their crazy laws based on a minority, if hundeds of thousands of people grow their own medicine, food, fibre it will be impossible for big government to imprison everyone therefore the right to grow cannabis will be exersized but only if there is some other people with the courage. Look at 1933-1945 let it not happen again. Nazi germany developed the television, radio, computers WITH CODED SOFTWARE, all before 1945 with the intent to manipulate the viewers conciousness via programming and propaganda. Whats changed in 85 years?

  11. Do the bleeding heart liberals here think that the prisons are going to be filled with innocent people?

    Just for fun, go down to any provincial law courts. Check out the docket court. Guess what you'll see?

    Dozens upon dozens of people charged, convicted of crimes. Not littering, not minor possession offences – they don't go to the big house. No. Violent offenders, and serios theives, home invaders, rapists.

    The leftists like to believe if conservatives would just be banished from the polity, that all these creeps would magically disappear.

  12. And don't you just love how leftists cry "fear mongering" as if the very real criminals I can see with my lying eyes on any given day at provincial court – theives, rapists, molestors, violent thugs – don't exist (for their existence runs counter to their ideology)

    while at the same time telling us the we are all going to die a heat filled death…literally, based on some computer model that can't predict the weather five days out.

    • So, howcum you're hanging around the courthouse so much?

    • Science fail.

      Climate != weather.

      But that's another debate.

    • Can you be sure that your job position has not resulted in a certain confirmation bias?

      This is why evidence-based policy making is so important.

    • Well put. I love the non responses you got!

    • The models used for climate change are completely different from the models for predicting the forecast. Climate deniers are so ignorant.

    • Hear Hear, Chet. It is about time someone reports, like you have, on what any citizen can observe on any day of the week in any court in the land.

  13. Yup the leftist coalition, that had been running this country for the last 40 years, are always loudly and insanely against incarcerating criminals until the very day CRIME TOUCHES THEIR OWN FAMILY!
    Then THEY are the first ones to protest with signs in front of parliament against CLUB FED.

    • Mulroney and Harper are leftists? Oh dear.

  14. crime may be going down but prisons at all levels are overcrowded! not good for a humane justice system. my problem is that a minority government with a tenuous hold on power is allowed to make great dicisions and expeditures! is that democracy?

    • Yes. Given the useless opposition which has every opportunity to throw the rascals out, but can't come up with a game plan anyone will support, the governing party is doing an exemplary job of governing , imho.

  15. Anyone heard of the north american union? steven harper already signed our country away. look at the european union it exists. hitler tried to create a european union and eventually world government its in his books he wrote. same agenda nothing has changed except the populus attack each other instead of working together to rid government tyranny.

  16. Debtor prisons and a new Depression.

    Could this be the reason why this government believes we need more jails?

    "New reports by the ACLU and the Brennan Center for Justice have found a sharp rise in debtor prisons across the country. Poor defendants are being jailed for failing to pay legal debts. In Ohio, a man named Howard Webb, who earns $7 an hour as a dishwasher, has served two stints in jail totaling over 300 days for being unable to pay nearly $3,000 in fines and costs from various criminal and traffic cases. In Michigan, a twenty-five-year-old single mother named Kawana Young has been jailed five times for being unable to afford to pay a few minor traffic tickets. Eric Balaban of the ACLU said, "Incarcerating people simply because they cannot afford to pay their legal debts is not only unconstitutional but also has a devastating impact upon men and women, whose only crime is that they are poor."

  17. Canada needs more prisons for many reasons, one being because multiculturalism is a failure. It is an absolute embarassment to see a courtroom docket in any major city — you will see pages upon pages of so-called "foreign" names, pews filled with offenders unable to string an English sentence together (allegedly), many of whom are charged with offences that simply are not offences in their homeland. And as such, because these people are living in a society wherein all cultures are constitutionally equal, it is unfair to prosecute them for breaking Canadian law. If a religioust text advises its followers to beat their wives, they do so; if alcoholism is a national pasttime and drinking outside is legal, why should they be expected to discontinue their culture just because their address is in Canada?

    Multiculturalism is a farce because it discourages the integration of immigrants to Canadian society, encourages ethnic enclaves which can breed illegal activity, and does not command any kind of national respect.

  18. Vic Toews lies about crime rates despite his own department's stats and those of Stascan.
    Peter MacKay lies about the military not needing a tender process for the F-35, even though they planned one for 2010-2012 as part of their program requirement, a well as about the frequency of Russian arctic patrols.
    Jason Kenny lies about nearly everything, from his involvement with defunding non-profits to his role in removing references to gay rights in the citizenship guide, to his interference with Galloway's entry to Canada (including calls to CBSA, the Canadian High Commission in London and a tip to a British newspaper by his Comms Director).
    Tony Clement lies about what Statscan officials advised him to do about the long-form census.
    Max Bernier lies about the number of complaints he received about the census.

    Notice a pattern here? How can Conservative supporters stomach and tolerate this kind of behaviour from their party's senior government ministers? Harper's crew is rotten tot he core.

  19. Wow i can't believe some of these comments! Does the principle of justice matter to any of you? Justice must be seen to be done or it will fail. How long will our country be able to go on under the premise of "rehabilitation" before we citizens take matters into our own hands. For example, if your daughter is raped and murdered by a man who has been convicted of the same offence three times and released under our revolving door justice system, what would you do? Would you be ok with that and say "meh, just try and rehabilitate him again"? I wouldnt and I guarentee I would take matters into my own hands and I believe alot of other Canadians would too. Some people complain about the cost of imprisonment but it is one of the fundamentals of a just society, and I'm guessing those same people have no problem with public funding going to artists, and other special interest groups…

    • Your outrage is understandable, but the facts aren't on the side of your emotions.

      Incarceration terms for murder in Canada are among the longest in the western world, and have increased substantially since the mid-1970s. From 1976 to 2002, the average length of time served for 1st degree murder in Canada was 22.4 years, an increase of 6.6 years over the previous period studied (1961-1976).

      A 1999 international comparison of the average time served in custody by an offender on a life sentence for first degree murder shows that Canada exceeds the average time served in all countries surveyed including the United States, with the exception of U.S. offenders serving life sentences without benefit of parole.

      Canada doesn't have a "life without parole" sentence, but the Canadian average for incarceration time for that study (28.4 years) was nearly identical to that of the US life without parole average of 29 years. In the US, life WITH parole works out to just 18.5 years of incarceration …. 10 years shorter than the average custody time for first degree murder in Canada.

      Bottom line: Do a murder in Canada and you'll be behind bars longer than in the US, Australia, Britain, Belgium, England, Scotland, New Zealand or Sweden … often 15 years longer. Contrary to popular misconception, Canada's justice system is quite harsh when it comes to violent crimes like murder — by the only measure that matters to many: time served.

  20. Toews might plausibly argue for more prison units because:
    -The Cons would like to see increased penalties for crime
    -They would like to see criminals serve more of the time they are actually sentenced for
    -Prisons are already getting overcrowded

    Why then does he insist on denying the crime rate statistics in order to justify this?

    • Because responsible management of the public safety file takes a backseat to angry assaults on "elites" who use "statistics", fundraising letters expressing outrage, smearing opponents with epithets like "hug-a-thug", and trying to motivate two voting blocks who are influenced by fear of crime (vs. realities of crime): women with young children and seniors.

  21. Good. And make them miserable, horrible places too in order to discourage crime.

    • Yes, that has worked magnificently for the Americans

    • This is idiotic. I'm not saying prisons should be hotels but brutalizing inmates only ensures that they will hurt more people once they are released.

      If we can all agree that the best metric to measure the success of a prison is reduced recidivism rates. And by that metric, the most successful prison systems are always clean, civilized, safe, and well maintained.

      • If you ask the right wing populists, the only way to measure the success of a prison is how barbarically inmates are treated. Because apparently the victims of crime have a "right" (which is not codified in law) to see someone else's basic human dignity violated in retribution for their suffering. Two wrongs make a right and if any innocent, wrongly convicted individuals get infected with HIV or beaten by prison guards along the way, that's just the price we'll have to pay for a society that recognizes imaginary "victims' rights"

  22. Just another example of President Harper's Americanization of Canada.

  23. the stupidity of the Canadian public never ceases to amaze me.

    • they aren't stupid………..just asleep…………and such cynicism is not helpful……….do something pro-active……Get out the vote!

  24. Build more Federal Institutions… They are great for the local economy, create lots of jobs, the spin off to the community is great ( food suppliers, contractors, Automotive service's etc, etc,) And as far as job security goes…''As long as there is crime, your pretty much gauranteed a job.''………