Ottawa to go on extended vacation? -

Ottawa to go on extended vacation?

Rumours swirl about a Conservative plan to delay Parliament’s return until after the Olympics


According to a report in The Globe and Mail, the Conservative government is considering shutting down Parliament until the end of the Winter Games. The Conservative plan, the rumours suggest, is to have Parliament return in March (rather than late January), when a budget would be presented in a bid to force an election. Not only would a prorogation put an end to the Conservatives’ public grilling over the treatment of Afghan detainees, it would allow Stephen Harper to reshape the Senate. There are five seats that become available on Jan. 2 and ending the Parliamentary session would allow Harper to change the make-up of Senate committees, which would otherwise remain under the Liberals’ control. However, a prorogation would also mean a quick death to cherished Conservative bills on issues like crime and consumer protections.

The Globe and Mail

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Ottawa to go on extended vacation?

  1. Lame.

  2. The G&M likes to be the news, instead of reporting it.They are the only source, and t face it, they have bugger all else to report.

    • Sorry history speaks for itself ….. when in danger or in doubt run in circles scream and shout or in Harper case shut down the H of C and take a fully taxpayer extended vacation and run/rule Canada from behind closed doors. Last round he appointed 27 Senators and many many political appointments. Guess it was called Job Creation!

      • Don't be sorry – I am far from sorry.

  3. If it can help break the Liberal stranglehold on the Senate, I'm all for it. I'm also sick and tired of hearing about Afghan prisoners.

  4. ROSC …. Reality of Steve's Canada ….. welcome aboard young Canadians who were not around for the birth of Reform …. Is Prime Minister Stephen Harper planning to prorogue Parliament — a move that would block further committee meetings until as late as March. Only in Canader eh? A self appointed King to rule over everyone with less that 35% of the voting public

  5. i would like to see them add the 32 new seats to the west and ontario before triggering an election

  6. Good idea, NO more Afghan story, have a nice season.

  7. In our system of government, the Prime Minister is supposed to be accountable to parliament. In turn, the parliamentarians are supposed to be accountable to their constituents. When Harper can flip the bird at parliament and apparently nobody sees anything wrong with this, it's proof that the system is broken.

    Harper has become a monarch in everything but name. God help us all.

  8. I for one an eagerly awaiting Harper's autobiography: Going Prorogue: A Canadian Life.