Ottawa to intervene in Canada Post lockout

Labour minister announces plans to introduce back-to-work legislation


The federal government says it will introduce back-to-work legislation before the end of the week to end the labour dispute at Canada Post. The legislation will end Canada Post’s lockout of union workers and force an arbitrated settlement to the dispute. “They are unable to reach that agreement by themselves,” Raitt said, “even though they have had ample opportunity to do so and much support from this government and from Labour Canada.” Ottawa had also previously announced it would force a settlement between Air Canada and its striking workers before the two sides reached a tentative deal on Thursday.

The Globe and Mail

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Ottawa to intervene in Canada Post lockout

  1. Here it comes. . .

    • Just…one more…minute…or two………

  2. Is it REALLY a good idea to FORCE workers back?   What type of working environment will that be ?

    If the back to work legislation is upheld then it should justly be with their full contract rights extended until a FAIR arbitrated settlement is complete.

    A  MUCH better idea is for the government to STAY OUT of it and let the bargaining process proceed.  This is not deemed an ESSENTIAL service and their bargaining rights should be upheld.

    Support these workers as their issues could be yours in your next set of negotiations…..It is time to support each other now !!!!  It is also time to modernize our basic Canada Labour Code and up minimum wage in Ontario….our cost of survival is rising daily.

    • It would be a horrible idea for the government to stay out of it, neither side has accomplished anything in their negotiations, it’s affecting the Canadian economy and the public who still uses the postal system and it could soon result in the unemployment rate to increase. CUPW and many of their supporters are overlooking a very important detail…this dispute has cost the CP business and the longer it continues the loss of revenue will continue to climb. Loss of revenue=equals job cuts. Forcing the postal workers back to work is better than many of them being laid off because their job is no longer needed.

      The postal system is an essential service, it’s just not as important at it once was. Not everyone is able to pay or recieve their statements online and Canada Post’s custom/brokage fees are cheaper than courier services. Then there’s charities who rely on the mail to request donations.

      The only CP workers I support are the ones who have no say in CUPW and Canada Post’s dispute. I don’t feel sympathy for the Union’s issues, Canada Post’s counter offer was generous and rare in a job that doesn’t require and education and skills to do.

  3. Whoa, wait a minute! There’s a Canada Post strike?! I didn’t even notice. Although I was wondering where my weekly Dominos flyer had disappeared to!

  4. If anything will hasten the demise of Canada Post. it is the latest strike.  The strike not only calls attention to the generous benefits postal workers already receive, it highlights how electronic communication is becoming pervasive.

    I’m over 65 and this month I did the following via the internet:  received pension cheques in my account, received a shower and a wedding invitation via e-mail, received photos of a friends European holiday, and received and paid all my monthly bills. 

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