Ottawa to revoke thousands of citizenships

Over 6,000 suspected of fraudulent immigration applications


At least 2,100 people could have their citizenship revoked and another 4,400 permanent residents be barred from obtaining citizenship, Minister Jason Kenney announced on Friday morning. The crackdown follows an initiative started in July, when the government targeted 1,800 people its says obtained their citizenship through fraud. Kenney said the people losing their citizenship this time paid consultants to dodge the residency requirement when they had spent little or not time in Canada. All the suspect fraudsters are being contacted by mail and will have an opportunity to appeal the government’s decision in Federal Court before their citizenships and residency status are permanently revoked.



Ottawa to revoke thousands of citizenships

  1. Yesssssss……Go Jason go!!!   Does this mean we can give those two Iranian banksters the boot too??

  2. Mixed feelings on this one. It’s probably the right thing to do but I think our immigration system should be a lot more open — especially if we consider ourselves a multi-cultural country.

    To be honest, simply being employed and paying taxes for two years in a row strikes me as sufficient for citizenship. Save all the funds used for immigration checking for border security, make sure all visitors are thoroughly vetted to attempt to keep hostiles out, but other than that, open’er up.

    • We already accept more immigrants as a percentage of our population than any other developed nation. That’s part of the reason we’re running around revoking citizenships. It’s not possible to fully vet the numbers we’re letting in. Used to be immigration levels rose and fell along with the unemployment rate. In Trudeau’s last full year as PM (1983) we allowed 89,000 immigrants in total, including refugees. Then Mulroney got in and opened the floodgates. This may or may not have been the right thing to do at the time. But within a few years it became politically incorrect to suggest that intake should be reduced during recessions. We thus continued with at least 200,000 per year throughout the miserable, grinding recession of the early 1990s. Not surprisingly, various surveys have shown that the cohort that arrived here in the early-to-mid 1990s fared considerably poorer than those who arrived before or since. We’re not doing anyone favours, not even immigrants themselves, if we continue to commit to high levels regardless of economic conditions. 

      Immigration won’t solve our demographic dilemma either (not even close) but that’s another argument for another post. 

    • 2 Years is not nearly sufficient to become a Canadian and receive all the benefits included. Should be more like 10 years of paying taxes to receive free health care and all the rest of our social programs.  Perhaps 5 years to get to vote if a property owner. After all if one is born here he/she must live here 18 years just to vote.

  3. Right on. It’s about time we go for those who are cheating the system.
    After all, getting  Canadian citizenship is a privilege not a right, and  most definately not a business.

  4. Is the person being held in an Edmonton jail and fighting exradition to the US for bombing a building in Iraq and killing American servicemen on the list to have his citizenship renounced? Is he native born Canadian or a progeny of lax Canadian immigration policy? Are you even aware of this news in Canada or is it being buried by the mainstream media?

  5. Yes, go for it.  The Liberals would never have had the guts to do this.  While I am not a big fan of the Conservatives I sure agree with them on this one. 

  6. The focus should be on educating and supporting our own people, rather than opening up doors for everyone to come here.  Many people come here for the benefits of the wonderful freedoms and supports in our community that other places are often lacking, yet have no loyalty to the country, it’s people or right and wrong.  As long as they are getting benefits, and taking advantage of our system the country is losing out.  How much money was spent fetching those “Canadians” out of Lebanon, where most chose to make their main residency until there was a problem, and then they used Canada and the resources of our country, as well as our people’s kindness, as a back up.  This is also true of many others of different nations whose home country is not as progressive as ours in terms of social supports and tolerance.  That is not our problem.  As Canadians we have been sending help outside for far too long, while too many problems here at home go unresolved.  Enough is enough.

  7. We do need more European immigration.  Hard working blue collar types.  Not the pencil pushing, lazy people from Asia (India in particular) that we have been getting.  We are a country of immigrants, yes, but when you look back at who these immigrants were, they werent this third world bunch who bring all their slums, welfare dependancy, class prejudices etc.  I suspect we have many Asian illegals and along with any other illegals, they should be shipped back asap.  But, no political party has the guts to do this, it would cost them votes from the family and community members which these illegals belong to.  We will probably see an amnesty as this is the most gutless, but easy solution. 

  8. “At least 2,100 people could have their citizenship revoked”

    It should read; “2,100 new illegal aliens created.”  Don’t ‘send them letters’ arrest and deport them.  What is wrong with this country? 

  9. This is the major problem:

    “All the suspect fraudsters are being contacted by mail and will have an opportunity to appeal the government’s decision in Federal Court before their citizenships and residency status are permanently revoked.”

    How many years will they appeal to our courts at great time and money.  They deserve nothing more from us, they should be deported immediately, and let them appeal from there.

    • Thank the Singh decision for that one. One of the earliest Charter rulings. One that completely hamstrung our immigration authorities and rendered them unable to decide on anyone’s fate, regardless of how obvious the fraud. 

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