Ottawa to scale back EI premium increase

Move reflects concern over unemployment levels


The federal government is resizing an increase of employment insurance premiums scheduled to take effect on Jan. 1, 2012, reflecting mounting concern in Ottawa about rising unemployment. Under the government’s original plan, announced last fall by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, EI payroll premiums would have risen by 10 cents per $100 of insurable earnings for employees and 14 cents for employers, the Globe and Mail reports. Today, though, Flaherty is expected to announce that the increase will be kept at the same level of the one that took effect on Jan. 1, 2011, or five cents for employees and seven cents for employers.

The Globe and Mail

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Ottawa to scale back EI premium increase

  1. Good decision, EI right now is the life blood of our economy. It helps keep the economy alive, pays EI employees salaries, rents for their buildings, Telephone and computer expenses, cars for employees to drive around in, then after all  of that, there is a big big dividend for the Government coffers every once in awhile.  The EI system is healthy and works well, if its not broke, DON’T FIX IT.  Fix something that is broke ! ! !

    • Toungue in cheek?
      Recipients hardly make a living wage!

    • Oh, don’t worry.  They’ve laid off all the Service Canada employees that process the claims, so we aren’t paying out anything (new) anyway.

      But I do wonder what you and everyone you care about does that makes you immune to job loss?  Or are you self-employed and self–I mean, have no loved ones in the job market?

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