Ottawa won't fund Nordiques arena: report -

Ottawa won’t fund Nordiques arena: report

Federal government set to also turn down request for Expo 2017 funding


Ottawa will not be putting any federal money into an NHL arena in Quebec City after all, according to a report in La Presse. The federal government’s newfound austerity also means Edmonton should abandon its hopes of securing funding for its bid to host the 2017 Expo, for which it had requested $600 million. While the Prime Minister’s Office wouldn’t confirm either decision, the Montreal paper cites a government source saying the projects were simply too expensive.

La Presse

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Ottawa won’t fund Nordiques arena: report

  1. Oh Lord, here we go. Do doubt the sepratists will protray this as yet another outrage. How dare the rest of Canada not hand over the loot. Simply not cricket. Harumph!!!

  2. Considering how unhappy some of the CPC MPs were when Harper flirted with the idea of buying some votes I'm not surprised by this.

  3. Why is the World Fair different from a hockey arena in Quebec? They are identical – a waste of taxpayer dollars at the best of times, and complete lunacy during a time of deficit and austerity.

  4. Sounds to me like we should all prepare for some government-mandated austerity in the coming months….we can easily afford that stadium…but is a political problem when in x months, the message from the Feds is 'cut back'.

  5. They did not meet the funding criteria. They aren't in Tony Clement's riding.

    • Let's not overreact – if they wanted some shrubs planted, the Feds would have been more than accommodating.

  6. What does this mean for Ottawa getting money for the CFL franchise? What does this mean for Hamilton where the feds have already pledged money for the Pan-Am games (and new CFL/MLS venue)? There are consequences that go beyond Quebec.

  7. If taxes were not so high in Canada, then we wouldn't need the grace of government to fund sports or arts.

  8. I have no problem with arena funding or World's Fair funding providing that we are in a positive financial state. We have spent approx 54 billion more dollars this year. For any government to decide to fund extra's is stupid