Ottawa’s personnel and administrative costs on the rise

PBO questions commitment to scale back spending on “internal services”


The Parliamentary Budget Office says the Harper government is allowing spending increases in areas where the Conservatives had previously said they would tighten their belts. Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page says the government’s administrative and personnel costs will continue to rise despite Harper’s pledge to review such spending in an attempt to balance the budget by 2016. The cost of “internal services,” which includes communications, human resources, IT and financial management, will increase by $235-million while personnel costs will rise by one per cent. Given these spending increases, Page has encouraged MPs to “seek further details” about how the government expects to achieve its planned savings.

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Ottawa’s personnel and administrative costs on the rise

  1. Conservatives spend and cut taxes to their friends because they don't see why they should pay as they go.
    Somebody please remind me what is fiscally conservative about modern Conservatives again?
    And those who fell for the "But he's an economist" line last time remember it when it is used again, because it will be.

  2. It takes a lot of money to run the country AND a campaign, you know! Just ask Kenney. All the extra letterhead, toner, and wear and tear on the copier… plus the cost of high turnover every time you get caught and have to fire / hire staff…

  3. If the voters want more approvals, documentation and audits of government programs and services – then it will take more program/audit staff and IT services to manage that additional overhead.

  4. It's money well invested for a rainy day. If they win the next election, they can slash those costs, and trumpet the savings a few years later when the next election comes.

    STAYING in power. The conservatives are getting it down to well-managed science.

  5. i was going to vote for harper but not now ..nuff done ..nuff said

  6. Uh Oh … Kevin Page is doing his job and holding the Harper Regime(tm) to account for their spending? I guess that means we'll be seeing another round of talking points from Baird and Flaherty this week attacking Mr. Page's character.

    • He's a brave man… and bravery seldom goes unpunished in the Harper Government(TM)

  7. We need a Parliamentary Budget Office to tell us that; we should start saving money by cutting them!

    But seriously, we need to set a maximum to how long you can work at the government; or have inverse salary bands where with every year you work there, your salary lowers. If you really love your job it'll become volunteering- win win

    It would turn the government into a training ground full of eager graduates.

    This isn't a Conservative/Liberal issue, it's more to do with the inefficient government in general!

    • Or stop paying hush money …er, "severance"… to people who voluntarily resign.

    • Interesting idea. Government as an unviable career path. Let's start that model with senators…I bet we empty the chamber faster than any silly constitutional amendments.

  8. The f—in turdeau bunch, criticizing Harper?? Well you are the one paying the huge taxes, subsidizing every eastern company with pandering billions, selling your Country out to the meandering french! Obviously the Government recognizes a bunch of easy marks, when they see them. Why change anything.

    • Meds. Take them.

      • LOL, Thats so funny! Where do you get your excellent lines? I bet you are JOHNNY?

  9. If we are looking for the Harper government to achieve something worthwhile for Conservative party then I think we have to expect some expenditures. I believe there is an old expression that goes
    You have to crack some eggs if you want to pay off an Ouimet.

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