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Ouellet family: quote, unquote

The Ouellet family on their (other) brother—or not


“We are going to go to another question.”

—Roch Ouellet in a post-papal press conference, when I asked him whether Quebec’s lack of religious faith or the criminal history of his brother Paul—who pled guilty to sexual assault of a minor in 2008—might have impacted his selection as pontiff

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Ouellet family: quote, unquote

  1. I’ll bet you’re a bundle of fun at a party.

  2. Thanks for this – I think it was an excellent question that needed to be asked, and the link to The Star article provided information that should not be ignored:

    …Just weeks after his conviction, Paul took out an ad in a local newspaper in which he said he was guilty of “accepting the advances of these young people.”

    “I bitterly regret the way they now look back on the bonds we had and I regret, evidently, the hurt that I caused them unintentionally,” he wrote. ….

    The adult becomes the victim, his intentions are noble and the consequenses unintentional on his part. I find this very objectionable, I am disgusted frankly, and I would have liked to know if his brother Marc had anything to do with this ad, and in the event if he would have tried to stop Paul from buying such ad.
    It sounds so familiar…

    • He received 15 months house arrest for having sex with a 13 year old and a 14 year old.

      Had he taken pictures of them nude he would have gotten a mandatory minimum of a week in jail, likely more, and had he traded the photos he would have gotten a mandatory minimum of a year. A man convicted of videoing his stepdaughter nude last week is facing 5 years in jail.

      See what Professor Flanagan is saying now? You get more time in jail for child porn than actual sex with actual children. It’s reasonable to question the justice of that.

      • It is reasonable to question the justice of jail time for child pornography, but I suspect it is Mr. Flanagan’s assertion that child pornography doesn’t harm anyone that was the issue.

  3. I doubt that a sibling’s criminal record would have effected Ouellet’s chances, given that Pope Francis has many question marks regarding his role in the brutul Argentine junta of the late 70’s – early 80’s. Accusations from his own Jesuit brethren regarding his role during the junta didn’t sway the cardinals’ vote, apparantly.

    Probably the decrease in Catholic coffers resulting from Quebeckers becoming post-religious had something to do with it.

  4. Zing! What pearls of wisdom this kind of inquisitive reporting doth reap for us faithful MacLean’s blogreaders! Do go on at more length about how you used old news stories to create a new non-news-story!