‘Outright lie,’ Rob Ford says of new allegations in court document

Wiretaps reveal alleged gang members talking about the mayor


Chris Young/CP

TORONTO – Allegations that Rob Ford offered purported gang members money and a car in exchange for a video are an “outright lie,” the Toronto mayor said Thursday amid new questions about why police did not arrest him.

Speaking on an American radio station, the scandal-plagued mayor quickly tried to change the topic when asked about the latest claims against him.

“You can talk to my lawyers about it,” Ford told “The Sports Junkies,” a morning show on WJFK-FM based in Washington, D.C.

“I’m here to talk football, guys. So if you want to talk football, talk football; but if you want to talk about other things, then unfortunately I’m going to have to let you go.”

The latest allegations, which have not been proven in court, are contained in wiretap summaries put together as part of a guns and gangs investigation that were in a police document released Wednesday.

The intercepts reveal men talking with familiarity about the mayor, and suggest they had supplied him with drugs and plotted to blackmail him with photographs of him doing narcotics, police said.

Ford said nothing on arrival at city hall Thursday but Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, who has taken on many of the mayor’s responsibilities, said the latest allegations would not affect city business.

Kelly did call allegations that Ford was consorting with drug traffickers and gang members troubling.

“The one that’s bothered me the most is the possibility of criminality being involved in one way or the other with the mayor’s office,” he said.

Some city councillors called on investigators to explain why they did not arrest the mayor, but police have consistently said they didn’t have sufficient evidence to do so and Ford’s status as mayor had nothing to do with it.

Investigators have asked to interview Ford, but he has refused on the advice of his lawyer, Dennis Morris, who called the latest allegations baseless.

“It has no benefit,” Morris told The Canadian Press. “What you could do is create charges that presently have no foundation.”

If Ford made a statement favourable to himself, it would be called self-serving and inadmissible in court, while an ambiguous statement could be twisted and used against him, Morris said. Any statement against his interests could be used in court to convict him.

“So why would you even want to do that?” Morris said.

According to the latest documents, Ford’s name emerged on the wiretaps about two months before the U.S. website Gawker and the Toronto Star first reported in May that drug dealers were shopping around a video that showed the mayor smoking what appeared to be crack cocaine.

In a conversation investigators said they recorded on March 27, police said one man quoted Ford as saying, “I’ll give you 5,000 and a car” for a video.

Mohamed Siad, who police believe was trying to sell the “crack video,” said he wanted to meet with him and ask for “150,” which police said meant $150,000, the document says.

At the legislature, Municipal Affairs Minister Linda Jeffrey called the allegations “troubling” but said the province would take its cues from city council.

Both the attorney general and community safety minister echoed similar sentiments, but expressed confidence in police and the legal system.

After months of denials Ford finally admitted in late October to smoking crack cocaine in one of his “drunken stupors.” The admission came after police said they had recovered two videos in line with what Gawker and the Star had reported.

City council stripped Ford of most of his powers last month after further embarrassing episodes — including one in which he used a sexual profanity on live television — and he became regular fodder for late-night talk-show hosts.

Asked by the sports program how he was managing amid the glare of publicity, Ford was sanguine.

“I just stay focused on my job,” he said. “All the other stuff is nonsense.”

With a file from Diana Mehta.


‘Outright lie,’ Rob Ford says of new allegations in court document

  1. We believe you this time Rob..wink wink, NOT

  2. Ford calls it “an outright lie”. He should know an outright lie when he sees one.

  3. I think a drunken, stoned, or cocaine addled FORD will still make better economic choices than idiots like David Miller or Olivia Chow….but C’MON !!!
    Crack, gangs, boozing it up in public, drunk driving…..
    Enough is enough. If you want to be a FRAT BOY….go back to College.
    You shouldn’t be a Mayor.
    If you want a REAL MAYOR….look at Joe Fontana as he is…er….ok. Nevermind.

    • ‘I think a drunken, stoned, or cocaine addled FORD will still make better economic choices…’

      No longer a safe assumption. Doug Ford was running down the president of the Toronto Region Board of Trade this week… and he’s not even on drugs.

      But, yes, a sensible conservative would be preferred to Team Ford.

      • “sensible conservative” I think I see your problem.

      • Did the president of the board of trade need running down?

    • “I think a drunken, stoned, or cocaine addled FORD will still make better economic choices than idiots like David Miller or Olivia Chow…”

      If you made an effort to read an objective assessment of RoFo’s actual fiscal record as mayor, instead of buying his ridiculous, unsupported claims, you might temper that assessment.

      • I agree to a point. Ford has only saved 100’s of millions of dollars…not the Billion he claims. ….but can you imagine the chaos and waste if a marxist Like Chow got in?
        Glad I don’t have to live there amongst the detrius…which was there long before Ford took over.
        (PS….if Olivia does get in, I expect to see a plaque commemorating the “Last Rub-And-Tug” Saint Jack Layton visited prior to become Leader of the NDP. )
        Something in Bronze perhaps?

        • Another of your cheap, shabby smears. Regardless of how you feel about her politics, Chow has nothing to do with the allegation to which you refer.

          As for Ford, by the time the taxpayers of Toronto write off the sunk costs for the LRT system he sandbagged, and contribute additional taxes to pay for his three-stop mini-subway fetish, he will have saved them nothing at all. The man is a fraud, a charlatan, and inveterate liar – especially about his own budgetary record.

          • I never said Chow had anything to do with the Rub-and-Tug…..that was all Jack.
            As for Chow’s politics…she’s a marxist / Socialist. Her ideas have never worked, and never will. You may be able to get by for a while, but in the end……you always run out of other people’s money.
            (See detroit if you want to see how socialist policies affect a city)

          • Then you needn’t have referenced her late husband at all. Cheesy, tasteless and utterly classless.

            And what in hell does Detroit have to do with anything here, let alone Rob Ford? Detroit was never “socialist” by any conventionally-accepted definition of the term. Detroit’s bankruptcy is, if anything, an example of failed capitalism.

          • Neuroticdog…….I don’t care if my comment about Jack Layton was in bad taste…..but it happens to be true. Jack was caught in a rub-and-tug. Can’t dispute it.
            As for Detroit….it had nothing to do with Capitalism. Detroit has been run by corrupt African American Democrats since the 1960’s. They have maintained their grip on power as most of the productive white’s left town to avoid being taxed into bankruptcy. These black mayors know their constinuents well….and as is the tendency of any politician…they promised untold goodies to those who didn’t do anything to earn them…knowing that they could tax those who “DO” and give to those who “DON’T”
            If you want to see an example of a Detroit voter’s mindset…..just google “Obamaphone” lady. That entitlement attitude in a nutshell….is why Detroit is bankrupt.
            Too bad the actual portion of detroit’s working black population is stuck paying the bill.

          • Failed capitalism. And nothing to do with the racial background of key players.

            Your definition of “socialism” is farcical and ridiculous. There’s no point in having a discussion with someone who conveniently distorts conventional use of terminology to support his own bizarre perception of reality.

    • I assure you that what you think is stupid.

      • I’m thinking of you.

  4. It’s an outright lie… until it’s not. Then it’s a question that wasn’t asked correctly.

  5. Meanwhile liberal mayor Joe Fontana is in court charged with fraud and his ‘charity’ ripped off $8 million bucks, but no coverage on the news.
    The media in this country are a complete joke now.

    And all Ford needs to do to stop the media witch hunt is declare he is on a hunger strike, the idiot journalists almost always fall for that one!

    • Fontana is in court – Ford is in office still being paid and denying everything.
      Do you see the difference in the two situations or is it beyond your dissonance addled brain to put aside your persecution complex for a bit?
      There’s nothing worse than listening to the terminally befuddled whine incessantly.

      • Missed the charity scam ol’ Liberal Joe was running?
        Missed the media studiously ignoring that story, as well as ignoring the pedophiles in Wynne’s education department?
        The media will believe any excuse, even that a fat hog is on a hunger strike, as long as their politics are ‘correct’.
        Where are the pictures of Joe eating a chicken wing?
        It was news when Ford ate one..

        As for being paid, Ford donates his salary….

        And what do you want him arrested for?
        Drug use?
        Better pick up Justin at the same time then…

        • Yeah thought so
          Unable to actually think beyond talking points and vitriol.

      • hairball……the point is NOT that Fonatana is in court…the point is that if Fontana was a conservative….his malfeasance would have been given coverage 24/7 for months.
        Fontana is a dirtbag…..and he was a dirtbag when he was a Federal Liberal Cabinet minister too…..
        LIBRANO’S !!
        still fits.

        • No the point is
          One is facing the full power of the law and legal system. One has been indicted for his crimes and is now having to answer for them.. what more can the press add until the verdict comes in?
          The others are desperately trying to hide, run, throw others under the bus, blame those who have uncovered evidence or even act as though nothing has happened and their lies are in fact reality.

          I don’t expect a modern Conservative to understand anything about personal responsibility because the term Conservative no longer applies to the right of centre anymore. They are radical social reformers whose ideology comes before conserving anything and the two so called Conservative leaders are dieing from a death of a thousand cuts because they are not Conservatives. A true Conservative would have respected Parliamentary tradition, so if Harper were one he wouldn’t be in this mess today. A true Conservative respects the law, so if Ford were one he wouldn’t be in the mess he is today either.

          • hairball….you again miss the point….and prove it when you ask what more the press can add until a verdict comes in. Well…..ask yourself that about the coverage of Ford. There is no verdict, and the press has had no problem covering him since he’s been mayor. No verdict required for a Conservative.

            I agree that Ford should be history……on that we agree.

            My point is that Ford, who has NOT been charged with a criminal offence…is sucking up all the airtime in Canadian Media, whereas Fontana….who is most certainly guilty of far worse crimes….is getting a free ride in the media.

            As for being a MODERN Conservative…….I am. A modern Conservtive, is simply one who holds the ideals of a “Classical Liberal” Individual freedom and Liberaty, BUT also personal responsibiilty.

            Today’s Liberals…don’t fit any mould, as doing so would require they actually have a value to hold or believe in. As we all know, today’s MODERN LIBERALS…..only believe in power for powers’ sake….nothing more. Joe Fontana’s values…fit that mould perfectly. Take whatever shape will provide the most personal benefit. “Entitled to my entitlements” so to speak…
            But please respond, as I’m sure you will again miss the point. At least your predictable.

          • Good lord, I’m impressed that you can turn your computer on.

            The point is that the reason why the press need to keep going at Ford and Harper is because they are not taking responsibility for what they have done and only change the story when they have been caught out by the press or law enforcement.
            Fontana isn’t in that boat.
            The PM and Ford are newsworthy because they continue to lie and run. Fontana is just another indicted person on his way to justice so there is nothing here to match the drama elsewhere.

            As for “entitled to my entitlements,” the Libs aren’t the only ones – Cons Senators not being held accountable for interfering with an audit. Ministers snagging money and services they aren’t entitled to etc.
            You are far from a real Conservative as you whine too much and do not hold your own to the standard you expect of others. “My team right or wrong,” has never been a maxim of real Conservatism on the playing field or in the workplace.

          • hairball……you are assuming that Harper has something to take responsibility for. You have already pre-judged him guility, and if that is the case, why would Fontana’s presence in the courts even matter. You yourself have just expressed the courts are not required. But….I guess that’s only if the person in question is a Conservative right?

            It’s quite telling that you think the duffy affair is more important or newsworthy than Fontana. One guy was ordered to PAY BACK money to the taxpayer, whereas the other is most likely guilty of stealing millions.
            As for my standards…..they are quite high…which is why I expect the media to pay as much attention to a REAL scandal by a Liberal who has again apparently stolen Millions of dollars, as they do to a conseravtive Senator who was ordered to pay the money back.
            As I have said to another poster …..”If you can’t (won’t more likely) see the difference between these two issues, there is no use debating you. I can’t fix your level of stupid.”

          • I’m not playing “your guy is worse than our guy” because I don’t have a dog in this race. If all are found to have broken the law bung them all in the hole.

            Courts are always required for conviction and everyone is presumed innocent until then. That said a shifting story and police affidavits are not to be ignored either and wire tap transcripts as well as IPO testimony illustrate a level of criminality far beyond that which has been admitted to.

            The press have every right to dig deeper when police evidence and shifting statements illustrate that there is more to the story than we’re being told.

            One guy allegedly committed fraud after stealing millions of dollars and is now being tried for it.

            A Senator was paid to keep quiet and not co-operate with an official audit in order to reduce embarrassment to the PM and another Senator was asked to subvert the audit process. Information was prematurely leaked to the co-conspirators thus breaking the security around the audit and three more Senators sacrificed the autonomy of the Senate to toe the PMO line. Then a load of people lied about it. So far no charges have been laid.
            You would do well to heed your own words:
            “If you can’t (won’t more likely) see the difference between these two issues, there is no use debating you. I can’t fix your level of stupid.”

          • I suppose we can agree on the one point you made. Whomever is guilty…..bung them all.
            but you can’t get away from what you have already written. You demand Harper and FORD are punished for what they have done….but you don’t know that they have DONE..anything. I believe FORD has done something…because he’s admitted it. Harper…not so much…but you demand justice.
            You certainly demand more for Harper than you demand of Fontana. The difference of course…is that FONTANA is a LIBERAL suspected of stealing millions of dollars, and using tax money to pay for his sons wedding. It is pretty certain that the “charity” Fontana set up, was simply another money laundering scheme fo some sort…but based on the non-existent media coverage…we’ll never know.
            My entire point was not FORD, Harper, or Fontana. I was bemoaning the fact that it is only CONSERVATIVES who take up space in Canada’s media when wrong doing is suspected, but REAL corruption by Liberals is ignored. In Canada’s media….if you are a Liberal and are caught doing something illegal….you get a free pass.
            We already know of far worse cases…but you would never know about it given the lack of coverage. Just look at Mac Harb or Judy Sgro. Whatever the PMO was involved in….it certainly doesn’t stack up to the actual corruption of just two of these Liberals.

          • I’m not saying Harper should be punished and haven’t said that.
            What I am saying is that the press have a duty to look into conflicting statements and changed stories when very important people are caught making them.

            Ford has admitted illegal drug use, IPOs have been presented to the court illustrating that possible criminal behaviour goes deeper. He hasn’t stepped down and is insisting on remaining Mayor, even if in name only. This is a valid story and contrasts nicely with Fontana.
            Harper has changed his story repeatedly in the HoC and the involvement of those in his office has gone from 1 to quite a few more. The number of Senators has increased from 3 to at least 6 and his insistence that the Senate is independent has also been shown to have been rubbish thanks to another IPO. Again notice I haven’t convicted him of anything but the story is there and any press coverage is perfectly valid.

            Harper’s actions like Ford’s are suspicious in the extreme and the constant changing of stories only when evidence appears to nullify the previous story, while not criminal, is grounds enough for media attention.

            As for “Mac Harb or Judy Sgro” I have not seen any concerted effort by the Lib office to try and cover over the cracks in this case. I also haven’t seen any evidence that the Lib office tried to interfere with an audit or change a Senate report either. If you have evidence to the contrary I’m sure the RCMP would love to hear from you.

          • hairball…again. My point is NOT about guilt…it is about coverage.
            In your last para, you reference Sgro and Harb. Again, you’ll notice a distinct difference in coverage in the Canadian media. Liberals get away with some of the most egregious thefts of tax payers dollars….whereas, a Conservative senator who was ordered by Harper to pay back money…has gotten 9 months of extensive coverage. YOu can say the story is a story…because of actions in the PMO, but the truth of the matter is this; If this were a Liberal PM, and a Liberal Senator…..it would have died long ago.
            If Harb and Sgro were Conservative senators….it would still be in the news.

          • Jeez but this is tough
            Sgro and Harb

            Not part of a plot to subvert the independence of the Senate.
            Not part of an ever changing story by the government of the day.
            Not part of an attempt to interfere with an official audit.

            Worked with Wright to subvert the independence of the Senate
            Story changed depending on what the lie of the day was
            Wanted an official audit stopped

            Worked with Duffy to make it happen no matter what.

            The Liberals haven’t got away with it, they are undergoing due process. Two of the Conservative Senators got dumped on because of Duffy and an attempt to tidy the situation up.

            The story is about the cover up and the shenanigans, as it usually is. Those undergoing due process are being left alone. Brazeau and Wallin haven’t been in the news at all since being expelled from the Senate only Duffy, Wright and the PM/PMO. So your assertion is wrong about it being because they are Cons. It’s about the story and possible malfeasance by a sitting PM and/or his staff.

  6. “It’s an outright lie! But just in case it isn’t, I was in a drunken stupor that month, and I sincerely, sincerely, SINCERELY apologize. Now, can we move on? Who wants their picture taken with me.”

  7. So says he, man of zero credibility.

  8. There are two sets of rules in Canada.

    The rules that apply to you and I such as laws barring use of crack and heroin, use of public funds to bribe drug dealers, assaulting elderly women on the floor of the City Council in front of cameras and witnesses, and public drunkenness.

    Then there are the rules that apply to Rob Ford. Well there woudl be, if there were any rules that apply to Rob Ford.

    O Canada! You used to be the least corrupt nation on Earth! Now, we live in Somalia.

    • Justin gets to smoke pot though, and Smitherman gets to be a drug addict…

      • Right, because pot is so much better than crack.

        Yes, you surely do have the moral high ground, when the C in conservative stands for Crack

    • Your belief that Canada is no better than Somalia basically tells anyone who reads any of the crap you write…….that you are just another Hysterical Harper-hater who should be dismissed for the idiot you are.
      Now get back to the NDP war room with your genious intact.

      • He bought heroin from Somalis.

        • And a Somalian gave me a ride in his Taxi from Ottawa to the airport. What’s your point?
          It doesn’t address your opinion that Canada is on the same moral level as Somalia the country.
          I’ve been to both…trust me. Canada is MUCH better. If you ever get out of your mom’s basement….you’ll see that too.

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