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P.K. Subban continues contract battle with Canadiens


No player did a better job boosting his profile during the NHL lockout than P.K. Subban, who seized every chance to get his photogenic mug before the cameras as the work stoppage dragged on. So Subban’s absence from the Montreal Canadiens’ lineup was conspicuous this weekend when the Habs faced off against the Toronto Maple Leafs in their season opener. The 23-year-old defenceman—Montreal’s best, in some eyes—is locked in a contract dispute with the Canadiens, who appear unready to commit to the young star with a long-term deal. The fans are less conflicted. At a public scrimmage held by the Habs last week, the crowd chanted: “We want P.K.! We want P.K.!”

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P.K. Subban continues contract battle with Canadiens

  1. He still isnt worth or at least proved he is worth what is is asking for.

  2. He’s worth 4.5-5 mil for 3 seasons. Then the big money will come.

  3. Please write articles that are more up to date, there was a game last night in case you have not heard. And no one was shouting PK PK! The Habs and fans seem to be doing fine without him. There was two matches since that public practice. Did you write your article from last week last night?

    • I’m assuming you were there live at the game lastnight. If not, you can’t say if they were or were not chanting his name. Watchung it on t.v vs live is two different things. As on tv you do not see and hear everything. Speculating that the habs and fan “seems” to be doing fine is one thing. Complaining about an article with b.s is another.

      • Seriously dude I was at the game last night and no one gave two cents about pk .. and you really don’t need to get defensive about that comment calling it b.s… you just wasted a whole minute of my time with this late and ridiculous one paragraph article ..

  4. Nice job fishing for hits. If you aren’t going to bring anything new to the PK contract issues, don’t bother posting an article.

  5. Wanna Donnut? ;)

  6. P.K might be Montreal’s best but he is not NHL’s best…He is no Bobby Orr or for that matter Serge Savard etc…I say this not on a personal level with respect to P.K.’s demand for unproven respect ….not withstanding rehtoric that seems to be quite prevalent. His skill seems to be overshadowed with his constant blowing of a tire and his landing on his butt at critical times…He seems to have problems with the idea of team concept…a perfect fit for Ovechcin and company….

  7. What a terrible article… Nothing newsworthy here… And to think people get paid for this. What a joke!!!

  8. I have PK on a yahoo fantasy head to head team. I’ve never played fantasy hockey and frankly trying to jump knee deep into becoming an NHL fan. Can someone tell me if PK is worth keeping? He is killing my fantasy team although if I drop him and he gets signed and plays big, I’ll be pissed. This sucks.

  9. Thanks for the update Mr. Tips. The newspapers are more up to date than your site. Weak Sauce.


  11. Thanks for the feedback, all. This piece originally ran in our magazine under the “Newsmakers” section, which featured 11 people in total. (That’s why this item is fairly brief.) In future we’ll try to make it more clear when items are excerpted from this section.