Pakistan logs off Facebook -

Pakistan logs off Facebook

Government bans networking site after street protests


On Wednesday, Pakistan ordered Internet providers to shut down access to Facebook amidst growing protest over a Facebook page that encourages users to post images of the Prophet Muhammad. The group, “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” was started in support of the creators of “South Park,” who came under fire from Muslim groups early this year, after depicting the Prophet dressed as a bear in a South Park episode. So is this just another example of high-level government censorship? Not exactly. In the last week, thousands of students have taken to the streets, demanding that the government take action against Facebook. “We love Muhammad. Say No to Facebook,” read one sign at a May 19th protest in Lahore. Other signs threatened Islamic holy war.

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Pakistan logs off Facebook

  1. I love the way religion makes people light their hair on fire.

    Once they realize religion was created to control the poor they're going to be even more angry.

  2. its our religion who nevr hurts other's sntiments.our religion asks us to respect all other religions.but those who hav nt learnt that even not having moral or ethical values they have no shame.leave all the stuff wen u r getting so negative response from the very same group .do u hav common sense or lilltle human sense that i am hurting them..i should stop it.but no dear.the lady goes wid followers.and one day all sthose people will meet the results.

    • i wonder which world u live in. look around you and see what "our religion who nevr hurts other's sntiments" is up to. perhaps one day, u will realize the truth and do unto yourself as you wish done unto others.

  3. its just very dissapointing and sad that people are doing stuff like this. why do people dont have respect for all religions?

    all people want today is to hurt each and every person around. People just dont like peace. They do stuff like this which is going to hurt millions o people around and then when they get response to it, they say that the religion is extreme. trust me, if U follow and love your religion(which U dont do), then U would also not stand this kind of disrespect!!!

    • If Islam had respect for other religions, then why is the punishment for apostasy death? We're a secular country, and sure making fun of other religions is immature, but the fact is that they have the right to be immature, they shouldn't have to follow the rules of any religion. You hide under tolerance, but the fact is that most Islamic countries are intolerant towards other religions. If you enjoy having the liberty of practicing a religion, you should acknowledge that those liberties are extended towards people who want to criticize that religion.

    • You're right to practice religion is no greater and no less than my right to mock religion.

    • Azhar,

      perhaps you can explain to me why relgion should be treated any differently than any other ideology.

      After all, social and economic ideologies are open for debate and ridicule. Capitalism, socialism, communism, conservativsm, liberalism, secularism….you can tee off on any of them. Why? Because these ideologies have real impact on real people. The health of a society depends on our ability to openly discuss such matters for the sake of understanding and change.

      And guess what – religion has real impact on real people as well!

      Just look at the societies in which Islam predominates – especially the ones in which it is off limits for discussion.

      And notice also that Islam reserves the right to spew venom at gays, apostates, Jews, Christains and other assorted kafirs.

      Sorry Azhar, but "tolerance" is not a six-lane, one-way street.

    • respect is earned, not expected. but don't understand that, do you? "They," who do stuff like this which is going to hurt millions o people around, are YOU. The rest of us respond to it and say that your religion is extreme. but, of course, you are forbidden from listening to other points-of-view and the truth,so u r the way u r. i pity you, u poor drone.

  4. So much for the internet being a tool for spreading knowledge and tolerance.
    Stupid people on both sides, everybody loses.

  5. Of course, if they shut down Facebook over privacy concerns, we'd probably all be cheering for them. Sometimes it's hard to decide who to dislike more.

    • Reflect on your statement a little bit, mtb, and you won't have a hard time to decide who to dislike more.

      Shutting down access to Facebook because a Facebook group has content that is blasphemous against the predominant religion in your country is a violation of individual rights – in this case, the rights of individuals to decide for themselves what is offensive and worth viewing.

      Shutting down Facebook over privacy concerns (say, that Facebook was sharing your usage and personal data against your knowledge and will) is an action taken in defense of individual rights. In any case a government action in such a situation would first be a warning then maybe fines. Even then, i would say this is going over the line – people have the right to know what Facebook is collecting about them, but they also have the right to make up their own minds about doing business with them.

      Your moral equivalence disgusts me.

      • Your lack of a sense of humour is mind-blowing.

      • And that pretty much sums it up, doesn't it? Islamic cultures emphasize the greater good of the culture over the rights of the individual, while Western cultures most often hold the individual rights over the greater good. This is a huge gap in mindset and suggests that the issues and differences may be pretty much unbridgeable.

      • Peter,

        The individuals you are talking about are not truly individuals. The are drones. They wanted Facebook stopped so they protested. Now, doing so within the border of THEIR COUNTRY is ok. Coming out of that border and demanding others do so too, is "a violation of individual rights." They don't believe in individuality as we do. Yes, it is disgusting.

  6. There should be a balance between freedom of speech and respecting others, as you want to be respected.

    • Sounds good.

      Let me know when religious groups express the willingness to remove all the offensive verses from their holy books.

      You know…"death to this group, death to that group," "burn the witches," "kill the apostates."

    • The Consituation of Canada provides me with the Fundamental Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression.

      There is no right to "respect", respect and freedom of speech are not equals to be balanced. Freedom of speech is the trump card and the lynch pin of a free society.

      • You're absolutely right, there is no right to respect, but just because it isn't a "right" doesn't mean you shouldn't respect other people's values.

        We gain nothing by making all these Mohammed drawings on Facebook, all it does is piss people off.

        • The point of "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!" is about standing up and saying "I will not be intimidated". What's pisses people off, are the death threats to Southpark, cartoonists, etc, that have anything critical to say of Islam.

          I live in a free country and I have a right to criticize, mock, parady , draw or make fun of anything I wish too, and that includes Islam and Mohammed if I so choose too. But with that freedom I also accept that people here or in Pakistan make think I'm a j_rk for doing so, but it doesn't give them a right to threaten or harm me.

          In short, don't get your panties in a knot!

      • Religions have the right to be TOLERATED in Canada (provided they don't break any laws). RESPECT, meanwhile, cannot be legislated or demanded. It can only be earned.

  7. Word has it the real reason is that they were fed up with all the fricking Farmville updates.

    • i thought they were all pissed at facebook connect

      • actually they are pissed off coz i take better fotografs than them. :-|

  8. "they could block your email addy, and therefore effectively ban you from the website."

    Unless one was the sort of computer genius who knew how to sign up for a Hotmail account.

    • At the time, FB did not allow users to sign up with a hotmail account.

      The ONLY email address you could use had to be from a recognized university.

      Hotmail, in case you did not know this, is not a university.

      • Uh, you realize that you don't have to let anyone contact you on FB that you don't know, right? And that only your friends have the right to see your updates? (or friends of friends if you want to moderate your privacy settings).

        Point is – you don't have to interact with anyone you don't want to.

        Your point "it used to be a nice little thing" reeks of elitism. Yeah, it was great when it was only for university students (the upper-middle and upper class). It didn't need to do anything disgusting like "make money" to "pay for its servers" and "renumerate the FB staff for their services". It turns out nothing is for free. You know what happens to nice little internet things that don't accumulate users and eventually make money? They get shut down, that's what.

  9. Well now. This will be a real plus for NATO soldiers in the area. Nothing like jerking an extremists chain when you've got an army in front of you. I'm sure they'll offer our boys comfort and care if they capture any.

  10. Looks like Muhammad won't be happy with my new Facebook profile picture.

  11. Always respect people and respect their religion and always taking care of many hearts

    its a request from Michael Jackson's Fans from the world wide


  12. I don't understand the concept of RIGHTFULLY justifying you hatred for something..If we follow the simple rule suggested by our friend RICHARD "You're right to practice religion is no greater and no less than my right to mock religion " well I haven't come across a better simpleton remark by now…If its my right to practice religion than its yours to NOT practice it, not MOCKING it. otherwise following your rule, if its my right to stay alive someone somewhere will justify his right right to take it away from me…We have spaces in this world. I don't come in your personal space you don't come in mine…I practice religion you shut up about it and not by drawing or making fun of it but by actually minding your own business and same goes for me.

    We all know religion now is just an excuse to justify oppressions and suppression; People who are bound by a religious code are known to be oppressed and people who are not are known as FREE SOULS…According to the aforementioned kind of Freedom of speech I can go and stand out of your house and start yelling at the color of your house which irritates me…why do you call 911 then? People really need to define lines for FREEDOM OF SPEECH otherwise we will be living in a world where everyone will be cursing you just because you are wearing something THEY don't like :) Interesting Inni't??

    • The problem is that Islam does not tolerate any other religion. Aka, kill all infidel. Hard to respect a religion like that! If someone wanted to kill you, would you respect them? Interesting is it not?

      • Never its nothing like that

        sorry to interrupted you here but its completely wrong trust me

        Islam always encourage to everyone even we accept all the religion bcoz we believe that they are also so respectable

        and by this our Holly Prophet said: never kill a single one until he/she killed your Loveone but before to kill him or to go for this ………..just wait and ask to your heart ……….cant you forgive him……may be by this he will become a good man just bcoz of your good behave can make a person. Allah will rewards you for this. so always love each others it doesnt matter what's the religion he/she belongs from.

        even most of the Islamic war never hurt anyone, always we respect women, old age, kids even who is not involve in war, never to kill never anyone can touch him until he come out from his house with sword or something in his hand that can hurt you. otherwise forgive is the best way to make a better place.

        Holly Prophet Said: dont think about war if you want to build a good relationship then send them invitations and ask to come in our religion but dont force them under the Sword. because Allah Love the peace and our message is Love and peace.

        please Before you judge me, try hard to love me, Look within your heart then ask

        • Julee, you do know what your religion does to people who misinterpret the book, don't you? you should ask the taliban about respecting women, and see what they do to you (assuming you are a woman, of course). it will be an interesting lesson for you. it would be really nice if your people actually followed this BS u r spewing, but unfortunately for you a vast majority DO NOT.

  13. "Other signs threatened Islamic holy war."

    In short, it was a day like any other in Pakistan. Shame they didn't do something special for Mohammad.

  14. Remind me never to go to Pakistan.

    If they want to return to the middle ages, good for them.

    • Please Before you judge me, try hard to love me, Look within your heart then ask

      a Country or a person is not bad bad is the behave and the job …………….so everyone is not equal they born equal but after that we categorize us

      so everybody from Pakistan are not like that as you thought ……………many of in your countries are the same

      in your Country many people are not following the policies so do you think they r not from your country OH Gosh you never understand.

      listen everyone is good and we all born equally.

      A Pakistani Love his Country very much as you love yours

      • Julee, again you are missing the point. but i don't blame you. you are trained to NOT SEE any other point for you own. this is what you think, and mostly it is true…

        "so everybody from Pakistan are not like that as you thought ……………many of in your countries are the same in your Country many people are not following the policies so do you think they r not from your country OH Gosh you never understand."

        however, just to let you know, in my country many people not following the policies do not go around blowing themselves and others up at every opportunity while yelling that god is great. but u din't get to that part, did you!?

    • What does the middle ages have to do with it?

  15. I don't get it. Cartoons are offensive enough to rouse the mob, but car bomb attacks on mosques are not.

    "we believe that everybody Loves GOD"

    But I don't believe in God. So where does that leave me in your eyes?

  16. You wrote far too much, but I understand you want to get your point across. :) However, it is Muslims that are blowing/killing innocent people all over the globe. At this point, I think it is up to the Muslims to show non-Muslims that you do indeed respect them and that you are not out to kill the infidel, as it says to do in the Koran.

    Also, the point of the Facebook page is not to insult (though it can come across that way), but rather to show Muslims that non-Muslims will not be intimidated by Islam. Though I am not a member of the page, I do agree with that stance.

  17. You were never going to get expelled or arrested for having a picture of yourself with a beer in hand.
    On the other hand, even posting a picture of yourself smoking a joint to a group consisting of only your friends is a stupid idea.
    Hell, even a private picture sent with a cell phone to a single user can be retransmitted and become public (and be gawked at by "50 year old perverts" – see "sexting")
    And again, I reiterate – YOU can make your pictures, updates, and personal information all completely available ONLY to your friends list. YOU can decide to remove your friends from your list. YOU can even create "tiers" of friends by allowing some to have access only to a limited profile. You, you, you. If you're worried that some 50 year old guy is going to be wanking it to pictures of you in a bikini from that time in Cuba, I suggest the following steps:
    1. Don't add any 50 year old men as FB friends.
    2. Don't post bikini pictures of yourself, and remove any that other people post.

    • And allow me again to reiterate that youth is supposed to be a time when making stupid mistakes is forgivable. Most 20 year olds ARE impulsive and DO do things that would qualify as 'stupid'. The reason why we usually let this pass without anything more serious than a reprimand is because we would have to lock up every 20 year old in the entire world if we arrested people for stupidity.

      And yes, evidence of underage drinking int eh US DOES result in expulsion and arrest-including pictures posted to FB.

      50 year old men do have considerably better judgment than 20 year old men. Age and experience bring common sense. Therefore, those lacking age frequently lack common sense. This is why we punish 50 year old stalkers rather than their 20 year old prey.

  18. This just shows us how many uneducated and immature followers of Islam there are. They curve their own freedom for something so juvenile, what a riot! It reminded us of how Christianity was in the earlier times. For Islam followers, get use to people making fun of your religion, they do it to every religion without the threat of violence. The more you react, the more of this will happen. As more of this will happen, the more you get used to it, and the more you realize that it does not really harm you and your belief. Your threat of violence does more harm to your religion than any jokes or negative press there is and will ever be. In short youare an offense to your Allah more for your tendency toward violence than anyone mocking your religion. Take it from Hindus, Buddhist, Christians, and other religions that receive many of these religious jokes without resorting to threatening people. It is time for you people and your religion to grow up and join the civilized people everywhere – ignore it and you will see the world is still round.

    • Islam depends on controlling the amount of info it's followers can obtain. they keep it simple, everything outside of the book is lies. illiteracy (as we understand it) is their best weapon. if you can read only the book, then you can get no other info, and therefore have no basis for questioning the "knowledge" they receive. those who do seek other education are kept in check with threats to their lives if they stray from the prescribed path. in essence "learn from the infidel the best way to destroy the infidel."

  19. @ Waffa: If your religion is about respect of other religion, Why the hell those jihadists bomb a world heritage site of A Buddha in Afghanistan? Are you so blind or a hypocrite? Why bomb and kill infedils (anyone that belongs to any religion?). You might want to take your own lessons of respect and love and spread it among Islam Followers? If you do that, you wil contribute more to the well being of the world.

  20. Julee, cut-and-pasting the same pamphlet over and over again does not mean anything. words can only go so far. we need to see action from you "peaceful" muslims (that sounds like an oxymoron). stop talking and take action (besides talking) to stop your brothers and sisters who are killing anything and everything that they can. you want us to respect you, STOP THEM. or shut up about peace and respect for other religions.