Pakistan spy agency funding Afghan Taliban -

Pakistan spy agency funding Afghan Taliban

Goes far beyond just limited, or occasional support, researchers say


Pakistan’s senior spy agency, the ISI, is directing, funding, and providing sanctuary to the Afghan Taliban, according to a report from the London School Economics, despite Pakistani claims to have severed contact with the Islamist group it helped found almost two decades ago. “This goes far beyond just limited, or occasional support,” said author Matt Waldman. “We’re also saying this is official policy of that agency, and we’re saying that it is very extensive. It is both at an operational level, and at a strategic level, right at the senior leadership of the Taliban movement.” Waldman, who interviewed nine Taliban field commanders last year, said some Taliban claimed ISI agents had attended meetings of their top leadership council, the so-called Quetta Shura.

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Pakistan spy agency funding Afghan Taliban

  1. Now THERE is a surprise. Lets have themn all immigrate to Canada.

  2. Well the ISI can't afford predator drones. If the US can outspend them over the long term, then maybe there's hope.

  3. OH MY GOD!!! NO!!! PAKISTAN AND TERRORISTS!!!!!! NO WAY, MAN! THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE!!!!!!! How could you say such a thing about such 'pieceful' people!?!?!?

    do realize that i am being sarcastic.

  4. Pakistan earned its reputation as a nation that can not be trusted ever. They stab you at the back and at the sides anytime they see the opportunity. They are the great opportunists, and betrayal is just like second nature to them, it is a way of life. Taking their words is stupidity and a suicide.