Pakistan struggling with "image deficit" in face of floods -

Pakistan struggling with “image deficit” in face of floods

Aid agencies having difficulty raising funds for relief effort


Representatives from relief agencies say Pakistan’s struggle to collect $460-million in emergency aid for flood victims is the result of an “image deficit.” So far, only a fifth of the required funds have been pledged since an appeal for donations was launched on August 11. Melanie Brooks, a spokeswoman for the humanitarian group Care International, says the six million victims of monsoon floods are “the mothers, the farmers, [and] children,” and that “the money is not going to go to the hands of the Taliban.”

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Pakistan struggling with “image deficit” in face of floods

  1. Hardly anybody pays taxes in Pakistan. Were is the government going to get the resources in times of catastrophe. Beg it from the west???

  2. i feel sorry for the old folks, women, mothers, farmers and children of Pakistan. they are being ridden into the ground by the extreme corruption in their lame excuse for a "leadership". but this is all of their own doing. they refuse to stand with the rest of the world against the taliban and that is going to costing them now. i doubt anyone wants to have a hand in rescuing the future terrorists of the world.

  3. What a double tragedy. No one can be 100% sure that aid money will not go to Taliban's hand, as there are some aid and humanitarian groups like Omar Khadr's father (Operating in Pakistan before) and Tamil Tigers funneling Canadian Government financed sponsored humanitarian money to the terrorists before. As those two cases are not isolated, how many more NGOs are actually fronts for these terrorist groups? I would suggest that if anyone wants to help, contribute to Canadian Red Cross, hopefully they will be more responsible in distributing these aids. As for other Humanitarian NGOs and aid groups, stay away from donating to them as much as you can, until you are really sure that money will not be diverted somewhere else.