Palestinian leadership says Netanyahu speech obstacle to peace

Palestine to seek UN recognition if no progress is made by September


Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas has dismissed a speech given by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the U.S. Congress. Abbas said Netanyahu’s address simply made peace harder to achieve. In the speech, Netanyahu said Israel was willing to make difficult compromises, but rejected an earlier call by US President Barack Obama for a peace deal based on pre-1967 borders. Abbas also said that if no progress is made towards peace by September, the Palestinian Authority would unilaterally seek recognition from the UN. Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat told the BBC that Israel’s terms for peace – which include an undivided Jerusalem, a demilitarized Palestine, and a refusal to scale down Israeli settlements in the West Bank – prove Israel cannot be a partner for peace.

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Palestinian leadership says Netanyahu speech obstacle to peace

  1. Palestinians have mastered the art of deception
    and throwing their own dirt at someone else – hoping it would stick. 
    Former Pres. Clinton had outlined during one of Doha special debates, on how
    Arafat at the final signing of the negotiated peace deal had chickened out at the last
    moment (Probably afraid of being assassinated by his own people?). Only to call
    back Clinton, a year after the former President stepped out of office, wanting the old
    agreement he refused to sign. By then it was already too late, there was a
    different White house President and a new government in Israel.

    Watching Shimon Peres answering questions from a hostile crowd and in unfriendly
    territory, was an eye opener. 

    As for the real culprits and the real hindrance to peace, watch Hamas and Fatah
    being grilled by their own crowd.  I hope you enjoy the fireworks:

    1) Shimon Peres’ Grilling:

    2) Pres. Clinton:

    3)  Grilling of Fatah & Hamas:

    4)  Grilling of Hamas Leader:

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